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I'm a current second year student studying Music Management. As a part of this degree, I focus heavily on copyright and law. This for me is definitely where I want to go in terms of my career, however, I'm struggling to find a masters that focuses on this topic in particular.
I know Intellectual Property degrees are pretty much the same thing, however, I would also really like to focus on this in a music and media context, so I don't necessarily feel that this would be the best route for me. I have been told that I can apply for a vacation scheme towards a contract with my degree alone, however, I do also feel like a masters would give me more knowledge within the area in order to help advance my applications. I've been putting so much pressure on myself to find a contract as soon as I graduate next year - but I came to the realisation that actually, I can apply for this any time after I graduate anyway, so why not give myself an extra year of education within that area.

Currently so far I've found Westminster Uni and Queen Mary's Uni that focus on this subject (however I do want to avoid London as I currently live in Leeds, and don't fancy paying London costs' of tuition, housing etc.) If anyone has any other suggestions of which uni's to look at, that would be great. I'm also open to looking at anything similar in terms of music/entertainment/media law.