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feel like it's holidays already

Yes I'm struggling. supposed to be doing viva prep. stayed in bed half the day with a terrible cough.

Presenting a paper at an International conference

'Norwich Papers' might be interesting place for you to submit to.

Selecting an external examiner - What criteria do I go on?

Do you have to pick your examiners - surely your supervisors do this - not you?
I have quoted both my examiners work in the thesis (before knowing that they would be involved) because their work is relevant to my thinking. It's because of this, my supervisors chose them.

i'm lost

I think you need to have a serious conversation with your supervisor to plan a course of action regarding a project which is achievable in the conditions you describe. Can your university subscribe to inter-country library loans/articles through a library network?

another successful viva :)

Great news. Congratulations. My turn after Christmas (I hope)

Can you dance your PhD?

RubyW, the loincloth one is quite good too...


Can you dance your PhD?

All vivas should be like this...



Hello Jinio,

I used a heuristic methodology in my research. It lends itself to tacit knowledge systems (Polanyi). Moustakas' 'Heuristic research : design, methodology and applications' is the best place to start on this type of model. Not sure what framework analysis is though.

Good luck.

My viva was today, and ..... I did it :)

Well done!

Finally submitted - now I am in trepidation!

Hello lonelyroad,

I haven't used your methods, but like you, I submitted recently and have been horrified to discover typos that weren't there before! This is normal. Don't point them out to examiners unless they ask. You could go on forever and still not arrive at a work of perfection.

There are some viva preparation books out there to help you structure your time until your viva. I have devised a strategy which works for me and am spending a couple of hours each day revisiting each section methodically. The rest of my time, I do something I enjoy to give perspective. My viva will be in the form of a presentation because of the field I am in.

Others on this forum have shared their experience of vivas. You could do a thread search. Also, you might find this website useful called 'Nasty Viva Questions' http://www.geocities.com/andrewbroad/cs/cs710/viva.html

It's commendable that you've submitted after having a baby and being ill. Most students have no responsibilities other than themselves.

Good luck and don't worry. Preparation is the key.

New Feature Coming Soon!

Is it the online/offline thing?

Ive submitted this morning!!!

I know just what you mean! Wait till you get your viva date next.
Well done.

Last on to post on this thread wins

oops! meant to say:

adieu monsieur peasuckeur

Last on to post on this thread wins

Today, viva date received
But Aloha, only half relieved
For February is the month to be
I'll let you know, Walminski...

Adieu monsieur

I want to finish what I started.

Hi Almostthere, I don't have advice on how to do this I'm afraid, but given your interesting story, I really hope you get to finish it for peace of mind. Good luck.