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The nocturnal workers' thread

Thank you Sue, hugs just arrived and made me feel better :-)

I'm just about to wrap up for the night, i've managed to get most of what i wanted to get done today done, and if i can get my aims and hypothesis finished tomorrow i'll be happy for going away on friday!

yeah, I really like the job profile, unfortunately its just too much i think while trying to write. I feel just like you, i don't want my PhD dragging on,if it takes more time and i dont get to do it every day it'll get harder to keep going and get to viva stage, I want it fresh in my head to the day its over! Can't wait to feel like Dr Lara does right now!! but we'll be there soon - faster than we realise probably!

But i always give things my best shot so will go to interview and give my all and see how i get on, would be good to gauge my employability for that kind of job though, always a wee confidence boost!

So glad you saw your supervisor and got stuff sorted too, good to know you're feeling a bit better about things! Sorry, i just got your IM but think its bed time! :-( I'll get in touch tomorrow night and update on my progress! :)

Hope you have a good productive day!

KT xx

The nocturnal workers' thread

Hi Teek, and anyone else out there!:)
yeah, labs creep me out and night, a while ago i was in til like 1-2am and every noise resounds! jannies on the midnight shift and stuff and nobody knowing you're there....! but is good for peace and quiet!

so from earlier post-

Anyway aims for today:
Read 3 papers and find more relevant ones for my last section DONE
WRITE last sections! ALMOST DONE
Edit through intro if can get sections finished and tidy it all up to submit to sups NOT DONE

read my papers, found ALOT more and my last sections turned into about 6 pages long which has taken me hours, then decided it was time for food so made dinner and took an hour out to chill cos was feeling stressed! and then my dad phoned and ended up in tears on him just feeling totally overwhelmed!! so now i'm going to at least try and get this finished, got to finish this last bit and then sort out my aims and hypothesis cos its abit haphazard!

Got interview tomorrow and done no more prep since yesterday! its not til 11am tomorrow so hopefully manage to go over stuff in morning for it, but got to that stage of not caring? does that sound weird!? I think it probably does! but its full time and if i did get offered it i'm not sure i would take it as it would mean i wouldnt get much time to write and I really want done by xmas! whereas if i just stick to the part time hours i've now got lecturing I can stick to my plan and hopefully submit asap!!! so just going to go to interview and do my best and see what happens, no point stressing!???

sorry if i'm blabbery, i'm feeling very tired and teary and having one of my down days....

Good luck to anyone out there whos working!

How to start a literature review?????

I think the best thing you can do is just start writing! It doesnt matter how rough an idea it is, dont' worry too much about style, specific words etc just get down the thoughts in your head! I find from there its easier to go back and edit things/add references, move them around even delete them out when you've finished and decided they just dont fit - or better somewhere else!
the hardest part is starting so once you have words on screen its so much easier to see their place and importance etc! it all depends on what your subject is and how long it is to be, but as an introduction what you've said is ok

Sorry this isnt more indepth but really busy and don't want to be procrastinating too much...! :)
Best of luck

The nocturnal workers' thread

Hey, hope all that were on the train had a successful night? I have just managed to get out of bed, think i slept ok although still shattered! Just keep having loads of REM and therefore tons of mental dreams, can't seem to get my brain to chill out even if I do read a book and relax for half hour before bed!

Anyway aims for today:
Read 3 papers and find more relevant ones for my last section
WRITE last sections!
Edit through intro if can get sections finished and tidy it all up to submit to sups

not feeling too hopeful but i've got my coffee, cereal, juice, i'm warm, mostly comfy and I WANT this done!!

Hope you have a good day at it too folks! (up)

The nocturnal workers' thread

well, i've had a totally rubbish day and feeling %$&&*! went into lab to sort out some last experiments and didn't get any of it done - just plans to do it, so hopefully next week! hate going into office cos everyone always wants to chat and drink tea and stuff (which is lovely, but not for productivity!). So got a spiel ready for interview on thursday, plans for lab work done and thats it! :(

came home tonight and managed to make some data graphs for chapter 4 cos couldnt even face intro!

at home all day tomorrow so i'm going to bed now for a read to chill out before sleep, and hopefully not have restless night again, ready for full day tomorrow getting introduction finished!!

If anyone on the midnight train then I hope you have a good journey with not too many delays and stops :p

Can anyone recommend good Laptop

SPSS should absolutely horse on any modern PC, with the possible exception of the Atom - the standard processor on netbooks these days (while compact, I'd avoid one of these for anything bar web surfing, the small keys and screen will drive you nuts after a few days).

Look for Intel Dual Core (or Celeron M), 2Gb RAM+, 80Gb+ HD and you should be laughing til your thesis and beyond.

Perhaps the Dell M1330? You'll get change from £700 and a well specced machine too.

Good Luck,

ever feel stupid....?

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In the interests of sharing (and slight procrastination!), I came across this today. I'd not seen it in ages having forgotten to bookmark, however a year or so ago I came across it when having a very stupid day and typing something similar into google to see if others felt this often too. Here's what I found:


I hope it puts a smile on peoples faces even if they've seen it before! :-)

Happy to be back: Digression

Brilliant!!! I've not seen this in ages, but has voice is fab and makes me smile everytime! thats exactly my problem today!

glad you're enjoying the buzz of the new year, i'm sure you'll get back into the saddle soon and get on your way, a little every day is all we need....!


I did it!!!! yipeeeeee (My Phd Viva story)

Congratulations Lara, I can't imagine what it feels like to have that weight lifted from you, but enjoy the floaty lightness of it all for as long as you can :p

enjoy your rest and celebrations,

Push to be first author?

haha, i'm just like you cakegirl, i just blank it all out and try not to think about it otherwise i have wee panic attacks like i did two weeks ago, and thats not conducive to work! i think head under the sand is good! (its better than under the duvet which is what i was doing for a while!)

you'll get there sue, you're doing so well, just keep trudging along, and drinking sweet sweet tea ;-)

The nocturnal workers' thread

Hi Rubyw,
Hope the tea and toast helped you power through to the finish line!? and you managed to get good sleep before correction submission today?

yeah, its great to know I have other people under same pressures as me and commitments to get done! good to not feel completely alone in the world when you're working late!

Really looking forward to weekend away, as long as i've worked hard enough to deserve the fun! its aphex twin, luke vibert and couple of other DJs, going to be a good night of dancing! :)

speak to you soon peeps

The nocturnal workers' thread

Hello rubyw, of course welcome to the late evening push! :) (or early morning for Sue!)!

I'm sure you'll be fine, just enjoy your cuppa and maybe a biscuit! you've got two hours, so i'm sure you'll manage!

I've still not started, but we've booked our gig tickets and a cheap travelodge - manchester here we come! :)

time to read a paper before bed....

good luck folks (up)

The nocturnal workers' thread

Thanks, just need to work hard this week so i deserve it....! :)

I'm sure you'll be fine for march Bilbo, determination and a little bit every day/week/whenever you can, and just keep thinking positive! You'll be coool!8-)

The nocturnal workers' thread

Quote From Sue2604:

Hi KT and Bilbo

Glad to hear things are going well for you both. Yes, you really are an inspiration Bilbo, keep going, you'll be done soon! Good to know I've got company, we're all at our desks drinking tea. I'll be working away all day. Sun's just coming up and it's lovely and quiet and fresh. This is my most productive time. Better crack on with it - once the morning goes, is definitely harder for me to find inspiration!(up)

Thanks Sue, tea not helping my write though right now, procrastinating - organising a weekend away to a gig! ;)

Hope you have a highly productive and successful morning in the aussie sunshine!


The nocturnal workers' thread

well you seem pretty close to the finish line!? whens your submission date (or plan for..?)
I think even when it feels like nothing useful has been done its still progress! i felt useless friday and sat just skimming papers and feeling stupid, but sunday sat down and managed to finish a big section which wouldnt have come together so well if not for 2 days of rubbish.. (I think!)

go get your cup of tea, mine is aaaaaahhhhhhhh awesome!!! still not managed to start any work yet though....! :-s