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End Note urgent help - modifying output style for bibliography

That's a very clever hack that i hadn't thought of and will certainly do for now! Thank you!!!!

There must be a real way of doing it though... but i will figure that out when the deadline isn't looming!

End Note urgent help - modifying output style for bibliography


I need to edit the output style for my endnote bibliography so that when a Computer Program citation is used, the URL field shows in the bibliography (at the mo it's just the developers and the year) but i can't seem to find out how to do this... the output style editor does not allow me to change the template for specific fields as far as i can tell.

This is quite urgent as i have to submit the camera ready version of this paper today so i'm hoping someone can help!

Developing Thick Research Skin?

Have you considered going to see a counsellor at your uni to work on your confidence? I really think it's something they would be able to help you with. I am currently undertaking counselling with my uni to enhance my confidence in my work and my ability, and even after one session i find the voice in my head telling me off when i think negatively about my work.

To explain a bit more... I am the sort of person that puts out a facade that i am confident, outgoing and enthusiastic and most people have this impression of me - including my supervisors. In fact, i have spent many years using the "fake it til you make it" method of confidence... and i am still at the faking it stage. What this means, is that i second guess everything i say or do internally, while putting on a strong outlook to people. The outward me is a facade while the inward me is a quivering wreck about most things, especially when it comes to talking about my research.

So, while this approach to life has generally worked for me in the past (i spend hour angsting over everything but i usually get through things ok eventually), it has resulted in my supervisors sending me to a workshop conference alone to present my work and discuss it with academics i've never met. Alone. All by myself. Me. In a room with lots of VERY clever people talking about my work. Criticising my thoughts. Criticising me. To me, this is the scariest prospect in the world.. but no one thinks it will bother me at all and i'll breeze through it. Maybe i will, but i'll angst about it to ridiculous proportions until it's over. And then i'll overanalyse it and find fault in everything i did.

Anyways, i came to realise that this is actually fairly unhealthy and i need to fix it. It's not getting any better and the things that i am being asked to do now as a result of my outgoing bubbly personality are getting increasingly harder. So I have recently been to see a counsellor at my uni. Now, we're only 1 session in, but she agrees that i have deep self confidence issues and a massive complex about justifying my existence, my funded place at this uni and my research topic (if people ask me about it i usually start by saying "well, it's a bit silly but i'm looking at XXXX", i'm very apologetic when it comes to discussing my work.). Anyways, my counsellor and I are planning on working to enhance my confidence so that i can go to this workshop and present my work without second guessing my ability to talk about it or overananlysing the event afterwards. The other big problem is that i can't move on from things easily if i do them wrong - i had to give a tour to some important people of our new department building 3 months ago and I am still critical of some of the minor things i did wrong there (these are only things that are wrong in my head, not in reality).

ANYWAYS... enough about me. What i am saying is that the uni counselling service is there to give you support and should defo be able to help you work through your confidence issues.

Funding Contracts


I'm through a Doctoral Training Account scholarship from the EPSRC for my PhD. I have never signed a contract or anything, the only confirmation of the scholarship that i have is an email offering it to me and the fact that i've already had 3 payments...

This didn't concern me, but my mum mentioned it the other day and now i'm wondering if it's something i should have. Do PhD students have contracts?

I've spoken to some fellow students in my research group and none of them seem to have a contract, so i guess it's just not done around here. But now that i think abut it, given the amount of money involved, it seems quite strange!

If they don't like my work can they cancel my funding without warning?

How many days a week are you in, and do you have your own office/workspace?

I don't have a set working pattern at all and work at home whenever i can. I really need to change it to be honest cos i find myself working lots of evenings and weekends and getting up late. I try to make sure i show my face for at least 1 full day a week so they know i'm alive and obviously i go into uni if i have meetings or teaching duties.

I share a 6 desk office with 4 people. I suspect if 2 of the students in my office weren't around i'd go in more often. We get on alright, but disagree on the definition of a comfortable working environment. We tend to disagree on how much light is needed (i like to be able to see, they would prefer to sit in the dark) and how ventilated it should be in summer (again, i like a nice breeze when it's boiling, while they'd like to, well, boil).

But also, i like to have music playing when i'm working and if i'm in the office this obviously has to be through headphones but at home i can use my awesome speaker system. The final thing is, if i'm in the office people ask me to do things (anna can you just mark this, anna can you just give these people a tour, anna could you help me do XX). I'm not too good at saying no to these things so when i'm really busy it's best to work at home.

It's entirely personal preference. Many different working styles. I know someone who swears he can only write if he's sat in a starbucks!

The kick up the backside thread

I give you 10 days to finish your literature review. For every day over that, i will kill a kitten.

Actually, i need similar motivation. I have to submit my Qualifying Dissertation by the end of June, this is essentially a 15-20000 word literature review with a proposal for the rest of the PhD included. I am going on holiday the last week of June so have to submit early. I haven't started writing yet. You would think this was motivation enough. But apparently not.

Perhaps you could kill kittens on my behalf as well?

(Tough enough?)