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MBA for Shipping Captain

I work with the University of Lincoln and they provide work based learning degree's. Although not at Masters level (Bachelors), they are top up degree's and cover Marine, Logistics and Business Management.

http://dlsg.lincoln.ac.uk/about-wbdl shows the current 3 then they are about to put this Marine course live too: http://www.lincolnwbdl.com/marine

All the degrees work from the same course modules, as it's a work based learning degree it's tailored to suit your current career/job. It's a well ranked University and you benefit from it being a distance learning programme.

Hope this helps?

which is the best MBA online university??

This question comes up more often these days. To be straight to the point, there are many good MBA programmes out there, especially with a well ranked University.

The Telegraph just put this article out: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/educationopinion/11041456/Online-MBA-courses-no-longer-second-rate.html

The world's top business schools are now offering MBA programmes online, says Professor Anandalingam, Dean of Imperial College Business School.

Good luck in your search for a good MBA! It does pay off financially when you apply it to your career.