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Black Ethnic Minority Phd Students

Mista G - your response 'you put yourself in the "minority" corner' is sooo typical of right wing rhetoric, and the sad thing is ... you don't even realise what you are saying.

Racism doesn't have to be 'overt' for it to exist. If anything, racism is now so inextricably woven into the fabric of everyday life, people no longer recognise it ... which returns me to your statement which 'blames' ethnic minorities if they 'play' the 'race' card (... I'm simplifying my point here greatly, but hope you get the gist of what I'm driving at).

You may have an accent which distinguishes you from being from the UK, but people can't make discriminatory judgements about you purely on the way you 'look'. For Asian and Black students, this isn't the case ... skin colour is an issue in academia ... to deny that racism isn't rife in academic is totally naive!!!

Jenny - I totally understand what you are saying/where you are coming from, but hey ... maybe it's a 'black thang'!