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Love your life and your PhD- a plea

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Quote From keenbean:

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I have to say, Beajay, you must have experience of some lovely psychiatric wards if affirmation is commonplace there! In my experience these wards are nothing but dehumanising and often very scary places. I actually developed PTSD from my experiences on a psychiatric ward, and have suffered debilitating flashbacks for over 8 years, despite intensive treatment. I acknowledge that my experiences might have been rather extreme, but I am struggling to find anything positive about the experiences I've had on these type of wards! I'm not planning to get admitted ever again (my last admission was over 6 years ago), but you must point me in the right direction, I've clearly been admitted to the wrong place! Best, KB

Sorry, KB, I was being ironic! I should have put a sarky smiley next to it! xx

Love your life and your PhD- a plea

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As a psychologist and national agony aunt, could I just advise you that your remit may not suit all? People need to vent. They need to share worries, concerns and anger. Life isn't candy-floss. It's pretty damned hard. And everyone has every right to express their own concerns, especially during a PhD which is a mind-threat on every level.

Like you, I'd love a generous world, where people take due account of the human beings they encounter, but actually, without being too cynical, affirmation isn't commonplace, in any walk of life, except perhaps in psychiatric wards and counselling sessions. Real life is hard-knock. We all do our best to survive.

And academic life, in my experience, and in the experience of many here, is no different, and may be even harder, because it's peopled by hugely inflated egos. We get hurt by them. And we're entitled to say so.

Having said that, I still believe in the resilience of the human spirit.

Mature student age 52 academia is a weird world

I've been toying with the idea of responding to you, and kind of putting it off. But actually, thinking about it very deeply, I don't really agree with you. I have other issues.

To address yours - I am 14 years older than you are, and have considerably longer than you have in the 'real' world - meeja. Tough old world. But one of the things I liked about doing my PhD was being challenged. I loved it when I had to defend my position. That's the intellectual cut and thrust I signed up for. It was why I was never scared/apprehensive about my viva, and didn't worry about it at all. I knew my stuff and had defended it and supported it for years. It was only when I was in the last throes of the viva and saw that I'd been misinformed by my super, that I had to back down on a couple of points that I didn't expect, as they'd been passed by my super. But even so, on corrections, I placed on record the fact that I was wrong, and the internal examiner was completely correct in slamming me for it.

Understanding others, and negotiating with them, isn't a skill academics usually have. Not a problem.

You need to get your head around that. My arguments, as a mature student, are rather different. I really knew that I was going to have to stand in my corner and fight, and was happy to do just that. The critical stuff was welcome - in fact meat and drink to me.

How long does it take to heal?

I don't think I ever will. My experience of academia has been so bad, looking back at my super's past behaviour when he just wanted me to work for peanuts for him and was jovial and flattering while squeezing my brain and competence dry, to his current behaviour when the work he 'gave' me to do to relieve my own financial problems is now being touted as his own work.

I thought he and the Uni were trying to support me. But a senior Admin staff member very close to him said to me, ' Don't think of them as friends. No one here is a friend'.

This unethical and brutal careerism has totally altered my view of what goes on in ivory towers. He's a taker, and there are too many of them, on tenures of one kind or another, demanding that others (usually students) prop them up

I've never loathed, during my entire 35-year career in media/publishing/broadcasting, anyone quite so much. And I don't do loathing as a general rule.

Please prod me, intermittently

Hi Doodles!

Thanks to your prodding, I'm almost there. Another week should see this paper put to bed. Today I talked to my (world expert) 'co-supervisor', and he'll read and do a peer review before I submit. The journal I intend to submit to is one that's carried his papers. So that will be really useful.

How're you doing with the new job, etc?

Super published my co-authored work as his own

Quote From DrJeckyll:

He is petty, no doubt.

I normally act very emotional and I have a very strong sense of justice. I would probably ruin my relationship with him, mostly because I wouldn't respect him as an academic and a person any more. How can you trust someone who takes advantage of someone weaker for own benefit.

if you take legal actions against him do you have any alternative for supervision? Do you think that it could destroy your future in the uni? Will the other academics support you or will they support their colleague? How long do you still have to go with your PhD?

I don't know if it is wise to keep it quite or more power abuse will follow if he can get away with this.
Good luck

I've actually finished and got my PhD. But he's certainly playing games now. As a writer, copyright, owning the words you use, is very important. But I really looked up to this guy until the last 3 months, and now his true colours are shining out. I wonder how many others he's done this to?

Super published my co-authored work as his own

Will respond tomorrow. Currently caught up in ethical events beyond this forum. To those of us who are ethical/idealistic/honest journalists, the events of the last 24 hours have placed everything else into second running. Bear with me..

Sorry but it just isn't true!!!

Quote From delta:

Hi all,

For what it's worth, I've had only a limited amount of corrections to make and no rewrites and from what I can gather I'm the dream PhD student...just regret not being given the opportunity to do my dream PhD.


I thought from your quote that you had finished, done/passed your viva, and were home clear with minor corrections. This no longer seems the case. So exactly where are you?

The waiting is killing me!

Have congratulated you on the other thread. But I'll do it again!(up)

Super published my co-authored work as his own

I sent him an cheery email with the title on it, and asking why he hadn't told me, and why it was just his name,. I got a reply yesterday saying that he'd completely rewritten it and felt that the paper was his own, now, as it was based on presentations he'd done, and not on the Report we did together (ps, nothing to do with my PhD, just something I did while I was doing my PhD). The presentations were AFTER he'd submitted the paper!

I've read the paper (which he doesn't know!) and he's just wriggling out of it. Yes, he'd done some editing to cut down the length, and added an odd sentence here and there, and one of the 7 sections is one he did, but essentially it wouldn't get through Turnitin!

Deadline is this summer - let's do it together!

Congratulations, Dunni!

Super published my co-authored work as his own

I know that there have been similar cases here, so please share them with me if you succeeded or not in doing anything about it.

Yesterday I discovered that my ex-supervisor has published in a peer-reviewed journal a paper derived from an 80,000 word report we wrote together for a national government. We wrote the report, with me doing the Lit Review (which is what the report was all about) and him doing the intro and conclusion. At the time I was working as his Research Associate. I took 8 months out of my PhD to do this job as I had no money. I believed he had saved my (financial) life.

He turned the report into a co-authored (with me) book. Early this year he emailed me to say a 'paper' we'd written had been published. It was an extract and summary of part of the report, He did this without asking me or telling me, but at least my name was on it.
But he'd actually published another, at the same time, that one in his name alone. Again, he hadn't told me - perhaps wisely!

We did have a falling-out but both papers were submitted 6 months before that.

I'm bewildered. Are academics allowed to do this? And might this have any bearing on the fact that he became very nasty towards me and now seems to be standing in my way? Is his attitude a cover-up for his duplicity?

How far in advance did you file your intention to submit?

Filled in Intention to Submit in late February (we have to give at least 3 months' notice), submitted in late June, Viva was end of September.

Please prod me, intermittently

Just finished for the day. Now 7.40pm - over 10 hours. Am going to have home-made curry (I even made the sauce!) and a glass of wine and chill. So far, 3,000 words, and a heap of new references. Thanks for being there! I really appreciate the support.

Sorry but it just isn't true!!!

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Your post now starts to make sense after your lengthy explanation!
I don't do whinge - not big time - so I'm deleting the miserable story of my PhD life, and just leaving you with a quote:
Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait.

Lots of :-)