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Newbie jitters? Or absolute mistake?

I recently started PhD, slightly delayed for various reasons. I'm having a "What the hell have I done?" moment.
I'm a scientist who's moved into looking at qualitative aspects of what I've previously studied. It's basically psychology veering to sociology at this point. Oh my God, what have I done? it's a whole new methodology, paradigm, theoretical frameworks, way of working. My previous knowledge and experience help me not at all.
Starting later, I'm out of sync and don't feel I'm part of a cohort. I'm a black sheep in the sense that my work is quite different to most of the group I'm in. I have some methods training booked in and supervisor happily believes I'll "pick it up". Plus the usual overwhelm at the whole project

Please give me some words of wisdom and/or encouragement and/or hope and/or harsh truth