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The kick up the backside thread

Same here. What a slug. I try to finish my corrections before submission.

A shameless star-collecitng thread

Are you already bored? I joined in 2006 and still with two stars.

PhD oppurtunities in continental Europe
Had my PhD viva

I'm very pleased for you.

Google Chrome vs Firefox

Why do you exclude Opera?

Walminski's Gizza Job! Thread

Just a tip: Don't send it back tomorrow even if you finish. Let it pass few days.
Good luck!

Is it possible to extract/create Endnote library from word file????

Hi, 404.

1) As far as I know you can't do this easily. You need to modify your Word file in order to be able to export to Endnote.  But once Endnote imports you will have all the information of a reference in the title field. You then need to copy and paste the information to the relative fields. I think it's easier to find the references on the web and export directly to Endnote.
If you want to modify your Word document: save as .txt file. Make sure that each reference starts with %T and a space (make sure that Word shows the hidden formatting symbols),  and between each reference there's a blank line.
2) You can easily emerge different libraries and delete the duplicates (Endnote can do this).

Present your PhD in 10 minutes

Hi everyone,

Did you present your thesis in 10-12 minutes? If yes how did you do? I mean the whole thesis as in the viva. In viva you have a bit more time in general.
As it's so short time I don't know how to prepare it. Should I give the experimental results or just talk about the conclusions? What is the best approach?
Any suggestions?

PhD interview, HELP!!!

Be motivated and enthusiastic. Search the forum for interview tips.

As you are shortlisted for the interview you have good chances. Usually few people are interviewed even if the applicants can be many.

research proposal

As it's approximately a page i would write just the introductory research proposal. You shouldn't put all the sections told by Alan.
My suggestion is:
1) Problem statement: state the problem in one sentence. Then elaborate in few sentences. You can give a concrete example of the problem for example.
2) Purpose of the research: The objective of the study is...
3)Significance: why the study is important, what are the implications...

Don't worry. You have plenty of time but start to write now so you will have time to read and correct before submiting. 
Good luck!

Phd Position

DanB? Any comment?

216 Hours: The Movie

Well done Wal. Feeling anxious for my delay.

How to change to postgraduate Architecture from first degree in Computer Science

I have two bachelors, one in architecture and one in engineering as I changed my field from architecture to engineering. I think it's impossible to switch to architecture as they have a completely different curriculum. You need the basics for a masters.
Do you completely dislike software development? There are opportunities in computational design. It would be very interesting to work at the interface between computing and design.

the viva clock is ticking...

Best of luck!

Fees after end of studentship?

I don't find £90 unusual. It's £120 in my university.