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Journal paper permissions

You don't need to ask any permission. You only need permission for figures or images. However, in this case you don't ask permission to the author but to publisher of the reference you are using.

The gap between now and starting a job

Did you speak with your new boss? Maybe they can give you an advance. It's not so uncommon.

Microsoft 2007 Problems

Did you check the paragraph spacing and line spacing of the two pragraphs? If you didn't check these for the last line of the second paragraph and then for the first line of the third.

don't know about the rest of you but...

I think Edinburgh is not so cold today but wet. It was much more colder few days ago when I found the frost on my car glasses in the morning two times in the last two weeks.
Satchi, yes I use electric blanket. I put on before going to bed so when I go the bed is very nicely warm.
I hate cold.

PhD or job?? Help

I would go for the job. I am about to finish my PhD and looking for a job in industry. The PhD does not give any help. Experience definitely counts.

No info on examiners two weeks post submission or viva date

In my university names of the examiners are submitted to registry at least four weeks before the submission of the thesis. Registry decides if they are appropriate and officially appoints them. So I find it strange that you still don't have examiners appointed after submission.
I would definitely contact my supervisor and chase up.

Job Interview presentation

In my opinion you should definitely refer. I think it doesn't sound boasting. In any case it's better boasting then understating.
Good luck!

paper help please

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Quote From emmaki:

I can get an inter-library load at my uni as well, BUT I am not living in the UK (I visit the uni every three months) and they can't post the interlibrary loans abroad! Meaning that if I need a paper I will have to ask someone to send me a PDF! :$

This is ridiculous. It seems you never used interlibrary loans or if you don't want to state your real reason don't post a comment. If your friend can send a PDF, BL can send as well. Whenever I asked interlibrary loans BL always sent a PDF, even the very dated articles.

Where to find PhD Thesis online?
changing disciplines after Phd

I agree with Bilbo. In your case I think a mixed of academic and skill based CV would be good.

external examiner

My supervisor gave me two options for the external examiner. One is from industry and one is academic. I don't know both so for me it's indifferent. Does anyone have any experience with an examiner from industry? Will it be a disadvantage compare to an academic?

is anyone using their heating

Ev, hot food makes opposite effect. That's why it's used in hot climate countries. Eating hot chilies increase the body temperature so it decreases difference of temperature with the surrounding and you feel less hot. Besides it stimulates sweating which cools the body.

is anyone using their heating

Purplecat, I live in Scotland and I think the summer has gone too.
Satchi, I use the heating at home in the evenings and electric blanket to warm the bed otherwise it's too cold here. I work at the office and there is no heating there though. I suffer from the cold very much and am used to real hot summers (in my home town it's 35°C now).  I hate Scotland for this.

landlord issue

I am impressed by your patience. I mean it's 5 months and you are sleeping on the floor and paying rent. I would take action months ago. If it's written in the tenancy agreement, this is a impeachment of contract. I think you need to take a legal advice before taking any legal action now. CAB or your local council is the right place to ask for a free advice.
I also think that your agent is not nice at all. She is probably taking about 15% of the rent to manage the flat and it seems she didn't manage well. She is also responsible for the situation.
You shouldn't feel as a beggar for any reason. You are paying for a service you don't get it properly. I would feel as a victim.
I hope you solve the situation asap.

girls/fashionistas, I need help!

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If I were in your shoes I would wear a shirt. I think not only because it's more bon ton but also neutral. An elegant blouse could be also fine. And no need to have jacket I think if it's warm. I would need a jacket or a coat here in Scotland. Good luck for your interview.