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Did it. Good luck.


Don't you have a microfiber cloth they usually give with the glasses? Otherwise any clean microfiber. You don't need a detergent, just your breath as Jepson told. As there is antiglare coating on usually t-shirt (cotton) does not work well.
As I'm scared as well wash very rarely but mum washes all the time and tells that she doesn't notice any change.

Is this unusual?

I am doing like you, and yes it takes twice as long as the average person. But I am not sure if it's just because of the handwritten draft.

does anyone else get eye twitches?

Do you sleep enough? If not, take a long sleep, rest your eyes and it would probably pass. Caffeine can causes twiches so also reduce your caffeine intake.
I wish you get better soon.

electricity question help

Make a comparison at:


How long should I wait...?

Why not call the secretary of the department first? They could give you information about the decision of the studentship or if the supervisor is away.

Suspense is killing me

Don't worry. There was the easter holidays and it will take some time to be back to routine for university staff. I wouldn't aspect a response before friday. If they don't reply until monday you can contact the university.
Good luck!

Procastination: what's your favourite font?

I love Century Gothic.

Use Times New Roman for the thesis.

I hate Arial.

Asking for a favor to fill in my Master Thesis survey

Filled out for you. Good luck!

Passed viva - wahoo!

Congratulations! You are the most inspirational member of the forum and I hope you continue to contribute.

fetichism or fetishism?

I think you don't need to point out if it's just a spelling difference. If they use two different words for the same thing then yes. You should use the same spelling through your thesis if you don't use quotes.
Fetishism is the common form and British spelling - Oxford Dictionary just gives this form.

It's my birthday today :-)

Happy birthday!

list of conferences

Did you try Energy Institute : http://www.energyinst.org.uk
Another is IAEE: http://www.iaee.org although it's international.

Conference abstract

Hi jw254,

As said by Satchi you can write an abstract without any data.

Motive. Introduce your topic. Why is it important?
Objective. What do you want to solve/answer?
Methods. How do you planning to do?

Depends on your word limit 1 or 2 sentences will be fine for each.

Showing emotion in front of your supervisor

Don't worry. I also burst into tears in front of my supervisor. The next time we met, after a week, everything was normal.