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etiquette for asking someone else's data

A reseacher conducted the experiments on my subject and I would like to use his data on my thesis. I am a modeller so I don't do any experimental work and just to want to model his experiments to validate my models. We met in the past at some workshops. What is the etiquette for mailing for this purpose?

Problems with the solicitor...Any advice please?

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I moved to UK for my PhD and bought a flat. The flat has a new extention but has no completion certificate for it. The solicitor informed me about it just a week before finalizing of the purchase. He advised me to keep a retention to complete the extention. The seller, who is also the builder, couldn't get the certificate so I asked an independent builder to finish the work. Now the seller doesn't agree to pay the builder from the retention. My solicitor wants to take a legal action against him. Now I am not sure to whom I should take a legal action: to the seller or to the solicitor for the negligence. I don't have any written evidence for the negligence though.
Besides the independent builder want me to pay the work immediately. Can anyone give me advice regarding the situation? How long does it take legal cases in UK?

What is Your LIfe Colour? ( test)

Same as Phdbug...

Let's have a forum meet: Episode II

Scotland, please.

Name our Fish

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Why not any blue for Blue? :-(


Quote From missspacey:

This election is surely a one-horse race for Barack? My only worry is that America is a still far too racist for a black president.

Conservative Americans voted two times Condi Rice whom, if not the real president, is the key person in the Bush government.

Stipends and fees

What's the minimum wage in UK?

Average age to have a first child for people who have phds?

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Quote From swantje:

in germany, you would normally get your a-levels at the age of 19-20, then (old system) another 5 years or more till you have a master. then add on a whole load more years for a phd (usually at least 5 years). i don't know anyone who completed their phd before they were at least 30. because of lack of funding people tend to be a lot older than that.

Idem for Italy.

Staircase Method: Is it called something else?


shoulder & neck pain...

I suggest to use an orthopedic pillow. It is also much cheaper than ergonomic chair and much useful. One of the major cause of the ache is bad posture so try to correct your posture. Other useful things are streching exercises and applying heat packs.
Swimming is good to strengthen the muscles but you should dry very well the hair otherwise it could be even worse with cold weather.

PhD viva tomorrow

Good luck!

PhD interview - presentations??

I also gave a presentation. It was a presentation of my master thesis.
Good luck!

How old were you when you started your PhD?


age is an issue

Hi all,
I have just started my PhD with full funding in 5* rated department in UK. After all it didn't go so bad.

Did anyone import a used car from EU?

If you are moving to a different Community Member State, you must register your vehicle in that country as soon as possible after arrival and, at any rate, within six months of moving...

It is from European Commision portal