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Thread: Problems with supervisor

29-May-15, 12:15
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posted about 4 years ago
I am currently having problems with my main supervisor and am unsure what to do. A few months ago he all of a sudden took a disliking to me-I don't know why, but I do know that he is very 'friendly' with his other PhD student (he is aware that I know this, me and her are very close friends). He was unresponsive to my emails and wouldn't meet me. He then said my supervision is to be joint only, with both supervisors present at all times.

I requested to change last week, and the co-ordinator said he would speak to them both and get back to me. Following from this my supervisor started emailing me last weekend very hostile and rude messages about me complaining about him and how he doesn't have a problem but I clearly have a problem with him, and how we all agreed joint supervision so why am I so desperate to meet him on my own (which isn't true, I asked to meet him twice to discuss these problems, and have also met the second supervisor alone whilst he was neglecting me).

Anyway both of my supervisors have met the co-ordinator and I have two options, keep them both and we work out a plan together (ALL contact to be with BOTH at all times), or, if I want to change, I'd have to lose them both. They claim they started out supervising me together, and are only prepared to carry on together. This isn't true, he was previously my main supervisor. It feels to me as though he has an issue with seeing me on my own?

I am unsure of what decision to make-I didn't want to lose my second supervisor, but there is no way I can continue with this supervisor who has a clear disliking towards me.
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