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Literature Review: Cite Journals with Impact Factors Only?

hey just strted my phd in accounitng. and my sup send me to review top accounting journal to see if there is anything on my intended topic for the last 10 yrs. i founda almost nil publication coz am trying accounting in non profits. but some good articles ave been published outside accounting. so am using them. but u ave to be pretty sure there is no relevant article for u to use.

regression question on R-square

sneaks perfect reply........you are correct......sneeks have tried Structural Equation Modelling Using AMOS? i intend to use it for my analysis


hi, make ur application to university of surrey of interested in hospitality.....but u need a strong proposal. i did turn down there studentship coz had already strted one in management accounting. Good luck. apply for admission and tell them u cant fund urself if u truelly cant.

Have any of you rejected authorship

Hey get ur name publsished. ave done several publications inserting names for my proffessors. some were Phds but my publications made one full proffesor and another it earned them Deans position......myself i got studentship coz of publications..... the question should be who is the principal author negotiate for that young blood. but if its in a fake journal then u dont need it. cheers

full-time PhD + work in London ?

welcome to london. u want to beat the 20 hr thing? are you a hard core? do u really want ur Phd badly? can you stay 65 hrs without talking but reading and taking short breaks to work? can u stay without no social life? then if u can ave all that u will make it in london and probably make afew more coins and get ur Phd.(thats a security Job at construction site make cool 2500 pounds a month and pay no tax and get ur Phd on time) welcome

reference management software

I ave used most of the reference management softwares.. but i can bet refworks is the best https://www.refworks.com/ its online based and u can log in from anywhere even ur mobile phone. i highly recommend it and u can play around with it aeven call refowrks guys to customise it for you.

Do people really work this much?

am new to the Phd life but ave to be honest. in two month my life has really changed. It seems everyone works during the day. mine is at night. i can put it in like 8-12 hours at night. but the whole morning i sleep, when i wake up even before leaving the bed i chat and check mails like for one hour. ave been going to the gym at 3pm every day but now i dislocated my knees avent gone for three weeks.

Wait....I was planning to ask my prof. coz the policy is that you put in 30 hrs a week(phd) plus 6 hrs (teaching) . how did they arrive at that?

Do you study at your cubicle or home?

ave shared office. am the newest to the team(two month old). so am out of place. My uni five minutes walk but i work from home. The cups of coffeee i can make the motivating factor. The room is so quiet and i can read without cloth on. but sometimes get distratced coz am a music addict.

Stats books (SPSS)

forget the books look at this profs stats notes website http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/garson/PA765/statnote.htm . the backround info on every statistic easy to navigate and includes everything inluding examples. My paper had been rejected i went to the site read the statistics and learned about Factorial ANOVA and Mulivariate anova... its published in A+ journal.

It hath been done. :) (handed in)

congrats there is light at the end of the tunnel

Will pay for help with SPSS!!Urgent!

i think am quantitative, spss and strructural equation modeling using AMOS guru. about the pay i think its not the motivation but just an appreciation.

PhDs in different countries

allicec i was in ur situation 'Germany, NZ,UK or Australia' . my friend has completed Phd in germany(mathematics) big complin------ he was lonely coz he wasnt fluent in germany..
2. germany professer gave feedback in germany language ( so if u r not good in written scientific germany alanguage- no go zone)
3. hey I once thought phd os bout the topic.... but really a nice available supervisor should be a key determinant coz u need to graduate in 3 yrs) u dont need someone who will just be interested in ur topic but someone who will be interested un ur welfare

so what ever u choose re me mebr those few points

i chose UK and i dont regret

self plagarism

hey sneaks had similar problem a few month ago when publishing from my thesis. there are two ways i did go about.
1. was reference by ''forthcoming''
2. reference see 'working paper'
3. reerence by 'unpublished thesis' - the surerest way of all three4
4. if u r publishing in 2 A+ journals from the same field then u ave to be extremely careful.

ope it helps abut ave read so many articles from same study but depending on the focus of the journal and the article the methodolgy part is ieasy to bit. but if you r publishing both papers in a methodology journals then u r in deep problem.......

reminder...... ave seen a published paper retracted few yrs later after the editors discover same methodology published elseawre

PhD student get together

just started mine last month. my prof told me every year he send phd students to Msc. research methodology class so as to make friends coz he kn rows the lonely ness. in my uni there is podtgrad loaunge but mostly used by mscs. ave been talking to phd students in my RI for get togethers


whats abroad even uganda is abroad. hey man you will have to look at so many resources but if uk then www.jobs.ac.uk will be starting point. New zealand (New zealand educated website) and ove r thousands of scholrships on www. australianuniversities.com. but my word of caution be ready to write a phd proposal and if ur looking for scholrship make sure u publish from ur MSC. THesis in international refereed journals.

as for tourism area there may be a handful of scholrships