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The C Word .....Christmas

Look I know its ages away and we're so far up our own do-dahs most of the time that life outside PhD, Masters etc doesn't exist .. but my mother's asked me what I want for Christmas (gift) and I have no idea.

Now... i don't expect you to know what i have already.. but i want to be sensible and ask Santa for something that will help me in the final six months of my PhD.. and don't say vodka :p . was there a piece of software, a book or a thingy that helped you ?

what are you lot asking for, if its suitable for public viewing ?


No info on examiners two weeks post submission or viva date

Being blunt ( ironically, given what I'm going to say next) .. whooah, I agree absolutely with previous post.  I'm all for getting your anger out but ... ;-)

I would start by saying thanks for processing my submission and then ask if he could let you know either if you need to start considering who you would like to examine you or who the examiners are, if this has already been actioned. I would go onto say that this would give you an opportunity to research their current work prior to the viva. I also ask if there's anything i can do or anyone else i should contact if this query should be directed elsewhere. ( this gives them an opportunity to shift work if v busy plus it then gives you an opportunity to say well i did ask if it wasn't you ... so if you didn't respond then i assumed it was ) 

I would then ask for a meeting in X weeks to discuss next steps.

let us know how you get on .. take care.

Quote From jojo:

Dear X,

It's been a few weeks since I submitted. Don't you think I should know about my examiners by now

No info on examiners two weeks post submission or viva date

Hi Jojo

Can do nothing but repeat what others have said.  the appointment of examiners is part of the pre-submission process at my Uni too.

So another vote for an email to sup.  Maybe he's forgotten what its like to be at this nerve wracking / very exciting stage. He needs reminding... nicely.

any tips?

don't take this the wrong way sneaks... but this has made me laugh out loud. so thanks for that ;-)

Hope you're wrong though, working with partner would be a lot of people's idea of hell so .... everything crossed.

Quote From sneaks:

yeah, I kind feel like they should have just opened up a window and shouted "F*** OFF" as they saw my car driving up to the building - would have saved us all some time lol.

The One Goal Thread

Sorry about that Sneaks.

Did they give you useful feedback ? can you see why it may have been rejected ? it may simply not have been the message they wanted, they have their audience and maybe it was just too way out man :-)

What's your plan of action now ?

Will it take much work to send elsewhere ?

Just getting ready for interview

That's a really powerful outcome ... and shows just how confident you were / are.

We need to remember when we go for these interviews that its a two way thing, and sometimes they just can't deliver ;-)

All the best for the next opportunity.


I just passed my viva!!!

Spot on rick.

Come on BevCha you can't swoop in drop that fabulous news and run away ... we, well me if I'm honest , want stories - preferably detailed ones so we can learn from your success.

Well done. Chuff

Quote From rick:

so what kind of questions were you asked? Was it easy / difficult / as excepted ?


Just getting ready for interview

Remember to breathe - always helps ... :p

Confident walk, head held high, good opening greeting.

let us know how it goes.

The One Goal Thread

All will soon be revealed for you but my sup reckons a quick response is positive.

i recently had a very quick response to a paper (not the top of my field though) but this swift reply has caused my sup to recommend that my work must be current and "saleable".

hope same applies to you.

i'm going for the top in my field next too, they can only say no ;-)

all the best.

The Elusive Research Question

Hi Milly_Cat

I came in with a very clear question, the question hasn't changed but where i ended up looking and how it developed was nothing as i may have expected. But thats interpretivism for you ;-)

It may depend on your area, some things may need a very clear RQ but i suspect you'll have at least a few months of reading around a subject to find out.

Sup, if you're lucky enough to get a good one, will advise you though. Chuff

Quants methodology book

That sounds a grim book Charls ;-)

Any other takers ? I'd like to recommend a comprehensive + a start to finish sort of book - may be a big ask in just the one book, appreciate that.

ta Chuff

any tips?

Why not look at it another way.

In compiling the slides go from past, to present and then to future.. think in terms of a journey. ( do i sound nuts now? (turkey) )

then your future could include the fab grants, research etc and the crescendo being a well worded summary of ( because of this future) why you're the best for the job.

Nervousness is just excitement misdirected (up) feeling is the same. It gives you the oomph you need to perform at your best.

At least this is what i tell myself... it does work being delusional ;-)

i wish you all the best...

any tips?

heck yes .. i think that's a fab idea.. in fact that slide should have glitter on it.

all the best, is it this week ?

anyone got any confidence tips

I can remember going to one job interview thinking now what would Dame Judi Dench do ? ( M from James Bond films) Substitute your own revered other.

The advice on here has been spot on .. you deserve to be there, they want you as much as you want them, jobs may be scarce but good people are more so.

From what i've read in your previous posts - no brain transplant needed (up)

Quants methodology book

Hi All.

If you were going to recommend one quants methodology book to a social science friend which one would it be ?

What about the SAGE Handbook of Quantitative Methodology for the Social Sciences - Kaplan ? Is this the Denzin and Lincoln of the Quant world ?

Any advice gratefully received. Thanks Chuff