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The One Goal Thread

Many thanks Ev. I'll have to check that out.

Hope both your days get turbo charged from now on.

The One Goal Thread

can someone explain the tomatoes to me please :-)

is this some sort of drug you young people are on these days ?

if so, can i have some (up)

I passed!!!

Fantastic news, hope the champagne keeps on flowing. Looking forward to hearing the story.
Congrats. Chuff

How can you bear to read your thesis?

Hi Claudia.

I'm not in your lucky position of having submitted.. but i hope that the thought that this final push may make all the difference would be enough. I really think after however many years you could just, just, this one last time.. its like running 26 miles of a marathon and then not doing the last 0.3 (turkey)

on a practical level, i would promise to buy myself something if i read it ( or even better get someone else to promise to buy you something ;-) )

Continue this thread for the next few weeks telling us what you're up to.. we can all help you from afar.

best. Chuff

Im not getting any smarter...

One good old saying springs to mind - ignorance is bliss. 

You had no idea what you didn't know... "it" didn't exist... so how could you realise you were ignorant of it. 

I met a Professor a few months ago who in imparting advice to me said - embrace the confusion because that's when you learn.   He went onto say that so many academics seem to long for the end of the confusion but if they're doing it "right" it'll never stop.

So... I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but maybe this is what its like... ;-) so embrace it (up)

I'm so pleased with myself!

To reiterate the congrats and thanks from other posts - it really does give us all a boost to hear about the good times.

There's nothing like a good sentence to make you smile, a good paragraph is heaven but a whole chapter 8-) and a brilliant chapter well (gift)

Best. Chuff

Qual research presentation of interview data

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Oh dear .. no wonder it feels like a cut and paste, it is a cut and paste = does 70% sound way too high to you ?

appreciate your opinions ? it does to me and i'm looking like this :-( now... (turkey)

Qual research presentation of interview data

Quote From rick:

the more quotes the better

Thanks Rick... i love my quotes, they bring it to life ( as far as you can without the nuances of unspoken communication, especially the raised eyebrow , i love the raised eyebrow ;-) )

i will check out the proportion though, and of course i await the dreaded sup feedback - not dreaded really, i love my sup too :-)

be great to hear more opinions... especially those that agree with the more quotes the better mode :p


Qual research presentation of interview data

Thanks for your reply Purplecat, 

I think i have maybe edging towards 70-30 although not counted, just feels that way.  must check.

did feel like a cheat though,  much as interview and self-transcription is no cheat (sprout)   its a tortuous experience isn't it.

anyone else have a view?

Literature Review

Hi Mothy.

How long does the whole proposal need to be ?  i would say split into percentages ... 

what's out there already - 30%   - literature review

what you think you can add - 30% - sell your idea

how you're going to add it - 30%    - methodology - interviews, document analysis ...

10% for intro's, linking statements etc.

as for how many sources..  depending the size of the proposal - why not 5 ( arbitrary number )  - 1 early thinker, 3 established big guns and a new entrant into the picture.  covers the whole time range.

I'm throwing this out there for comments and critique - there may be a set way of setting these things out. 

all the best. Chuff

Qual research presentation of interview data


I'm at just about first draft stage of a qualitative interview data rich PhD and am re-reading my data findings chapter and much as it certainly tells the reader what participants said.. and then i follow their quotes with my interpretation... it does feel like a lot of cut and paste from the transcription.

i feel a bit like a fraud, not that I am :-) , but i wonder .. how do others present interview data and what's the balance between participant voice and your voice ?

as a rough guide ... what proportion of your data findings chapter are direct quotes ? and how do you present them so it doesn't feel too much like a cut and paste from transcripts ? or should it feel like a cut and paste .. so confused

thanks in advance. Chuff

What makes a good presentation

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Hi Sneaks,

I saw a really nice simple presentation last week...  first slide = title, second slide  = what I'm going to cover, in his case he had put simply.. past, present and future.

then he had one theoretical issue or participant quote or model on about 5 main body slides.

He talked through them saying in terms of past - why his research / subject was important...

In terms of present - what he had just done and why. 

and then future.. . its implications, where he was going next or what else was emerging that was relevant.  

he then finished with a " tell em what you've told em slide.  "

nice and neat it was ... it was helped by the fact that he was nice and neat too  ;-)

in fact it was his relaxed manner that was most obvious... he knew his stuff, his story, well enough not to have a script.. he had a nice jokey / personal comment at the beginning and finished by saying he'd welcome any comments or questions.   that simplicity takes practice i think.  its a lack of confidence when people try to make it swish ( and i include me in that )

What's your plan ? will you let us know how you get on ?  all the best,  break a leg and all that. Chuff

Reference conference paper in journal article?

Hi all.

Hope title says it all.

I've recently presented a paper at a conference and now I would like to submit it to a journal.

So i'd like to put my stake in the ground, so to speak, in making sure that its clear that it was my work / idea etc - not that its ground breaking, i don't want to sound like i've invented the wheel here (sprout)

But still a mini step is still a step.

To my question, is it ok to reference a conference paper ... especially when the journal paper is essentially a re-hash of the conference work. I feel a bit like a fraud ... oddly enough and wondered how your get around this.

appreciate your thoughts. thanks


Hi Elise,  I'm way off your position of VIVA on the doorstep and can only stop by to wish you all the best. I spoke to Professor yesterday who said the best thing to see in a VIVA is humility,  an acknowledgement that you are finished and yet just starting out. They are human and want to see you at your best,  they want you to get through. They are most concerned that it is your work, and can therefore argue the reasons for the decisions made. They also love enthusiasm for the subject ( i asked whether this was an ask too far :-) )  he laughed .. didn't answer though.

Patrick,  could i ask a practical question about a comment you made - do you mean conferences as publication or journals ?  i'm unclear what people mean and i guess am thinking of my own time management,  target conferences or journals

best to all. Chuff

Do you have to pay Journals to publish your articles?

I'm shocked, nay stunned, at the fact that you have to pay to be published - ironically i've been tidying up my first potential publication today and am ( was :-) ) positively excited.
Great question Anna, certainly got the conversation going

What sort of money are we talking about ? or does it depends on journal ? and dare i mention their rankings :-)