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Approaching possible external examiner ?

Thanks both, sound advice.
I expect the political environment around the choice of ext examiner is rife with intrigue - i don't know why i expect that but it makes it sound quite exciting :-)  and makes it obvious i need a cup of tea.

have a good day all. 

Approaching possible external examiner ?

Just supposing you were going to a conference tomorrow and on the programme was a possible future external examiner .... is it against all good form, good sense and good reason to approach them and ask them if they would / may just allow to you, or your sup, to officially approach them as an external examiner ?

I haven't discussed this with my sup yet at all - I've had musical sups for the past few months - so not sure of correct channels but just sounding you guys out .. how does the politics of all this work through .. iI'm sure there's the formal version and the informal version.

thanks all.

Manifestations of stress...

Evening all.

AL, just to put you and your b/f minds to rest a visit to the Doc is a really good idea but after years of work and heading to this final push you're bound to be juddery i guess its fight or flight mode. very well done for giving up smoking during this time too, thats one heck of a good thing.

Having read this thread I realise how lucky I am, i have nothing twitching at all ;-)

I have insomnia though.. but its great i can do a few hours work before work. I'm p/t, working f/t.

i look like death and am probably hell to be around but its only a few years and i wouldn't miss this experience for the world.

Spelling and quotes

Hi VaiBabe.

I asked my sup that question as i had organisation and organization, her response was to keep it consistent and in your native spelling. i must admit i'm not entirely comfortable with that.. but went with the boss.

what's your view ?

Can I assume there will be a projector?

Hi Ev

I've only been to a few conferences myself but when i have presented i have been asked to bring my ppt presentation on a memory stick.. so i suspect its a slip of a digit by the organisers.

I read your "nervous" thread and just to say, and please don't take this the wrong way, but you should be nervous ! its a nervy thing.. so please think of it as a normal reaction. anybody / everybody is nervous unless they're some sort of sociopath :-) or you're apathetic ... and i for one would rather not be either of those.

It seems to be conference season i have a few in the next few weeks and i'm jangling too.. but i'm convincing myself that there's a fine line between nerves and excitement - and so i'm as excited as can be.

All the very best .. sock it to 'em . (up)

To do a PHD pr not?

Hi IK.

keeping this short as i simply want to agree with the responses you've had already.

In my opinion you do a doctorate based on more intrinsic reasons,  you have to want to do it, to find out, to go exploring and come back with something. It needs that level of personal drive.. i don't want to gush about a love of the subject matter ( especially as many posts here are not showing the love all that often) but what keeps us going during the despair is intrinsically driven ( and madness maybe)

Whereas you appear to be starting out with extrinsic goals,  e.g financial success. i' m not suggesting that we're martyrs who want to suffer for the cause but ... mmm.. I'm not feeling any passion for your learning.. as they say for your journey.

Also, agreeing with another post .. i haven't got the mental capacity to decide on what to have for lunch let alone thinking of a business idea.

for what its worth my view..  go find a business idea, write it up like a mini thesis.. the Dr badge will not be as useful as a blinking good idea, some good marketing, some get up and go and a bit of luck.

that wasn't so short after all...  once i get ranting.. :-x(sprout)  Chuff

What do you think of my thesis topic?

Hi Jun480

Shamelessly evading your question :-) because only you will have the answer to it.. i guess I'm looking at your question and thinking what level of analysis are you interested in?

The individual or the team / organization ?

because, from afar, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Commitment would appear to be looking at the individual level and Culture at the organizational level.

I suspect a causal model of culture would be worth a thesis on its own; and make you very rich.

What is a development organization? do you mean research and development ?

The other, more pragmatic, way of answering your question, is to say... leave it as is.. go off exploring and the question will emerge as you read around the subject.

Hope this rambling response helps in some small way. ( i obviously need coffee ) Chuff

Conference presentation - findings

Thanks Stressed,

So that's two for yes then.. sold.

I am in the "lucky" position of my research being the merest incremental advance on a well worn road.. interesting though it is.. (for me)

I hope you'll let us know when you're published. I've been thoroughly enjoying reading about the mad supervisors ... i'm voting for the fab crowd. been very very lucky with mine.

Have a good evening.. Chuff

Conference presentation - findings

Hi KB.

Thanks for your reply, that's very much my view but .. i must confess I've bee influenced by the tell no-one, say nothing, we're all doomed brigade. i thought i may have been just naive and trusting ( rather than stupid as a friend suggested :-)  )

I've only found this forum over the past few days ... and have "wasted" many a happy hour on here ..

Thanks again for your reply.  Chuff

Conference presentation - findings

Hello all.

I'm interested to hear your views on presenting your findings at a conference, before you've finished your doctorate and before its been published.

I'm torn between.. oh for gods sake you're not Einstein who's going to want to steal your findings... and eek i just don't want to..

I've got a week or so to finish the paper.. I'd really appreciate your views

Regards, Chuff