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Detached from literature review

Morning All.

I'm a few weeks to viva day and am feeling fine about it. My attitude, at the moment, although could change at any time ,-) , is that I did all I could.

Today I've finished reading my thesis through for the first time, summarising bits and spotting the typos.
But on re-reading my literature review I don't feel at all "attached" to it. I feel its a bit boring, dry and more story than critical review.

Obviously, I can't do anything about it now and am explaining it away to a degree with thoughts of 'well its not "mine", so why would i feel "attached" to it?'.
I am slightly concerned about the story, here's all i know feel, but again, I'm not going to lose sleep.

I just wondered how you all felt about your literature review post submission, post viva? Be grateful to find out if this is typical.

Thanks Chuff

Red card system?

Hi Rick.

I wonder if it may go the way of the ASBO, a badge of honour for the disturbed.

Also, never noticed that abuse button.. wonder whether a fist comes out of monitor and bops you on the nose ;-)

Ultimately, though I think the good outweighs the bad on here..  and by good i mean constructively good, not streams of sycophantism as has been suggested.

Hope KB comes back.

Have a good weekend all.


Trolling on the forum: MODS

BB - according to wikipedia is some sort of ammunition.
gosh i hope not... i mean i know CC is bad but I don't think violence solves anything ;-)

Be interested in the response from the mods, sometimes CC is mildly amusing, sometimes "he" oversteps the mark.. this time he trampled over it with his pants round his ankles. However, KB was awesome in her response...

Good post Bug.


chapter length

Hi Emmaki.

I'm sure there will be conventions but i went with what seemed to work. Don't know if i has yet, viva in a few weeks but my thesis was just 5 chapters.  going something like 1-8k, 2-20k, 3-19k, 4-23k, 5-10k.
Reading that it looks well odd ;-)  but tough!  

Qualitative data in 4, hence word count and it looks quite pretty and is well divided within the chapter.. and , more importantly, it represented my thesis in the most suitable way.

Do what you need to do to be comfortable with what you've done.

If it works with 7-8k .. and you're happy, then go for it. All the best.


Change in viva date :-(

How horrible, you'll have geared yourself up like a finely tuned racehorse... and now need to back track. I feel for you.

what about journal or conference papers ? are you doing any ? maybe spend the "extra" time doing that and then get back to the tuning.

Viva fear :(

permission to rant back ?

Firstly, can add no more to others below..  what a fantastic list of achievements if i had achieved that much this thread would be entitled "Chuff is fab" ... please focus on the positives,  recognise the limitations yes but have your answers ready to address the questions that may come up on the limitations - every PhD will have one.

Secondly, what is wrong with your supervisor ?  If he didn't think it was up to submission it shouldn't have got to that stage ! you really do wonder about these people and their motivations. I could just scream.

Set yourself goals for each day, as other threads on here.. summarise thesis,  think about questions you may get asked and get answers for them. this will give you confidence that you will be able to defend your thesis.. it is all about your defence.. they don't have to agree with you, you just have to be able to defend what you did and why and from your note above.. you have that no problem.

I wish you all the best.  Take action... you deserve this.. and rant away get it out of your system.. and we can ditto.




I agree with post below, get it published.. conference would be quicker than journal, so if you can get a paper to one asap then i would do so.

Don't feel bad about wanting to protect your intellectual property.

Two other things that spring to mind.... Have you got the intellectual property from your university ? And/or are you able to go down a legal patent route ? Maybe something to think about.

All the best, and well done for devising a new method. Cool.


Tips for papers reading

Hi Joka,

Welcome to the forum.

I read abstract, start of discussion, then conclusions then methodology ... then if its grabbed me I read the top and tail of each major section. Then if i'm still grabbed I may even read it all.. then if its still interesting i print it out.. i find reading on screen really irritating but i do worry about the trees.

You're right it is useful for us to know that we're all cheating :-)

Do you indent paragraphs?

Hi sneaks,

Quote From sneaks:

my sup indents mine for me when she edits.

Is she trying to be a pain in the arse or does it come naturally ? Seems like a power game to me, silly woman.

Is there a convention in your field, if so.. i guess i would follow suit else.. if you like double space, then double space... make a stand for the little people :-)

I double spaced, although i toyed with the indent but i prefer the look of a bit more white space.

Hope work has calmed down for you now, you sound less stressed ? or are you too stressed to write about it ;-)

Viva date!

Hi W.

I have mine two weeks after you .. and i'm not nervous at all.. which is making me nervous. I have no idea whats going on.

I've bought the books and plan to read them soon. The advice on here has been so good that i'm going to use the forum more than the books.. thanks all.

I'm still writing journal papers.

I'm going to give it two weeks before making a conserted effort. I think i need Rocky too.

What's your plan. You going to post your progress? I'll join in if thats ok? Chuff


Big congrats, well done. Great to read some positive news.

So.. come on then Q&A's for those of us yet to get there.

Anyone done a glossary?

Hi Sneaks

I didn't but I have read one or two that have, they needed to and I was glad they did. They had a range of terms which were similar and I could remember what they meant for a few pages but then "blank". I think they were included just after the table of contents, figures

Sorry about argument with hubs, I suspect academic households all over the place are having similar "discussions"... not a nice time.

Have a good rest of weekend. Chuff

A question for people who had to do major rewrite or resubmit?

Wowee TT. 

That is so impressive, three years out to come back to it.. and just 12 weeks.. and working full time too. 

Fantastic, just shows what you can do when you really want to 8-)



A question for people who had to do major rewrite or resubmit?

Hi Lilbobeep

I'm unable to answer your question, not been in that position, but I wonder how you think anyone else could answer it either ?

It depends on how many changes you need to make and whether you know what to do to make those changes ?

If your question is about how to get motivated to do them, now that is a different question and there are some great posts on here about some sort of tomato method !  its all vegetables ( or is that fruit) to me ... but Sneaks, Bilbo and lots of others give tips about breaking work down to goals, maybe starting with listing your main pieces of work then focusing on small wins to keep you going. Why not set up your own thread and posting what you plan to do for the day and then we can all follow and chip in as and when.

I wish you all the best.  Chuff

Deadline is this summer - let's do it together!

@ Ady.

Thanks very much for the post, that is so helpful. Very grateful. Hope you are successful soon ( if you're not already)

Regards, Chuff