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Getting an additional supervisor but I really don't like him, what to do?

So I have only had 1 supervisor so far and my supervisor is thinking of getting some help in the form of another supervisor. There are very few to chose from related to what I am researching.

So my superviosr suggested this guy, let's call him Dr X. Now, Dr X is my current supervisors best friend and most of their conversations involve laughing and bad mouthing others in the department behind their backs. I only had one meeting with both of them and for the half of it they traded their inside jokes like I was completly invisible and for the second half they were showing hand signals to each other and I could sense that they are having a laugh at my expense, while I WAS STILL THERE.

I would feel extremly uncomfortable with adding Dr X as a supervisor due to what I have just described and what will no doubt occur in the future meetings. My only supervisor is fine 1-1 with me, but in a combination with this guy is a complete disaster.