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Asking work to go part-time for PhD

It really depends on the relationship you have with your line manager. Could you have an informal hypothetical chat with them about the situation without it becoming public knowledge or being used against you? I think that's got to be the best way to go. Does anyone know you are interested in a PhD? Have others done it? Might your employer consider funding/supporting you?

I wouldn't do anything til your funding is confirmed personally because you don't want to shoot yourself in the foot.

I gave up my job to do my PhD and I think it was a good decision to make. I have funding with a small stipend but as I live at home it is enough. One of my colleagues had gone part time to do a PhD and it took him 5 years rather than 3. I had a few lengthy discussions with him, and my immediate line manager (who encouraged me throughout) who both thought I would get more out of the experience full time.

Of course it would have been a fall back for my at the end of my PhD to have a job on the side but I want to move into academia anyway. Is this your plan? Or do you want to still work in your current job when you finish?

This is more a series of questions than a useful answer but hopefully things to consider that might help your decision.

Successful application!

Congratulations! 8-)

I remember how good it felt when I was offered my place. Still loving it too.

How much input does your second supervisor have?

I too have three supervisors, two internal and one external.

I go to my main one for 'pastoral' matters and any small enquiries;
I meet with the main and external ones on a regular basis; and
I invite all three to read my writing and meet with me at important milestones.

My main sup is the one who reads my work with a fine-toothed-comb though.

They all send me information by email that is relevant to my study, so I must be on their minds at one level or another!

Full Time PhD student and working part time

I don't work alongside my PhD. I am in first year and not had the chance of any teaching yet.

Basically, I gave up a full-time job to study full-time. I am determined to finish in the three years I have, and so I'd rather sacrifice a bit of short-term poverty for a longer term ability to move into the labour market swiftly at the end*.

* of course, job market dependent, this might not be the case.


I am amused to find this thread because I was a bit grumpy about it too! :-s

Passed VIVA!


Well done Dr Pink_fluff 8-)

Endnote/multiple authors

Thank you both for your replies.

I've got each author on a new line, but I don't have a . after each name, so I will try that out and see what happens.

Finding peace & quiet

Is there a cafe nearby that has space for laptops/working? I sometimes find a change of scene to a coffee shop quite refreshing and although there is background noise, it isn't enough to distract me from reading. Obviously it would cost the price of a drink but you can nurse that long enough to get through a good bit of work :-)

Headphones at home, or maybe specify some times at home that you are not to be disturbed? I'm also not used to children so that is probably easier said than done!

Endnote/multiple authors

I hope someone on here can help, I've been searching through Endnote help and google to no avail. Basically, I am having trouble with multiple authors when using Cite While You Write. In the citation the authors names are all together with no break e.g. SmithJonesCunningham & Blake.

I've tried changing the output style citation but it's just changing the position of the final author rather than separating the first three.

Any ideas much appreciated!

Two PhDs?

Just to play devils advocate - you say there are a "certain allocation of funded phds", do you think you are depriving someone without a phd if you get one of those places?

Conference talk that nobody looked over

Am glad you managed to get some helpful feedback - it's always good to get another viewpoint.

Best of luck at the conference (up)

Conference talk that nobody looked over

I am not sure that continuing to hassle him will get you the input you need. However, his treatment of you sounds unacceptable. Is there a second supervisor who can help you? Is the department aware of his treatment of you?

Failing that (and considering the short notice), can you run through your material with another student or another member of staff in the department - purely to reassure you that your material is clear and concise?

I don't think you should lose the opportunity to present because your supervisor is being unhelpful - that's not good for your career development.

I hope you get someone to help you.

How many hours per week ? (1st year)

Do you keep any kind of research journal?

I've been noting down what I've done each day alongside any ideas that have come to me. Maybe that would allow you to see your progress but not just in terms of hours.

Sometimes it's hard to do, but it's worth it to see how your ideas are coming along and what you have read.

How many hours per week ? (1st year)

I also started in October. I have gone back to study from full-time work so I find it easiest just to treat it like a Mon-Fri, 9-5 job and go in to my office each day to work.

That's not to say that I spend a full 35 hours working hard - I spend a day a week in classes, and have the odd bit of procrastination. Overall, I feel I am making good progress, and my supervisors were happy with what I have achieved so far.

I expect that there will be periods of doing less and periods of doing more and I will go with the flow as that happens. I am not willing to give up my weekends until I really have to so my current regime is working well for me.

The main point is that we can all work at different paces and in different ways - some people do less during the week but then spend Saturdays in the library, and others do little and often. No one person is right and as long as you feel you are getting on with it and your supervisors are happy it is all good. (up)

WHat if................

I would be still in my old job waiting for the axe to fall in March.

No, I am really glad I took a positive step and jumped before I was pushed.

Good thread!!