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Thesis or thesis

It's lower case "t".

If the title is "Thesis of a Dream", capitalize the T when you reference it in the body of the text.

How far is too far for a temporary teaching role?

Hi PamW,

If you calculate the three hours commuting plus the two hours teaching, you're working five hours per day. If the amount they're offering (minus train fare) seems acceptable to you for five hours of your time, you should probably go for it.

The positive side of a long train commute is that you can get a lot of your own reading and writing done (assuming your seat partner isn't too chatty ;-)). Initially, it may seem tiring, especially during the winter months, but at least you don't have to go into town every day. Sounds like it could be a great opportunity!

Submission at the end of November

I'm doing great, baby! 8-)

Good Morning

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Welcome, Ataur! Congratulations on starting your PhD program. I hope you'll enjoy the journey. It's good to have a place to come for support along the way.

Sending you your first robin of spring! (robin)

Submission at the end of November

Congrats on all your hard work! (up)

Useful paper - writing with authority!

Quote From Mog:

Writing is still a struggle, but at least now I struggle authoritatively!!
Mog  :-)

LOL (Love your sense of humor!)

It's a very good paper - thanks for posting!

Academic bullying

It's not just PhD students. I've observed this among professors as well.

Guardian - advice for unemployed new PhD

Quote From sneaks:

Problem is, language barriers mean that 'they' i.e. non-english people often have an advantage i.e. as if I'm going to be able to learn Spanish/Italian/Greek in time to be able to do a job there!

You mean Chinese, Portuguese, or German considering the current economy! ;-)

Students Reading Your Work

Hmm. It sounds like he's mistaking your kindness for naivety. I agree with Lysethia: don't send your unpublished work. A couple titles of helpful references should be more than enough.



eeek submitting PhD next week

Wow, Pineapple! Your post is so full of energy! (Makes me want to go out and do something great today too!)
Have a great, productive day! Sounds like you've cleared this last hurdle!(up)(up)(up)

Nearing submission, more frustrating comments

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Quote From PamW:

First line of schoolassists website 'Being conceivable and convincing, invariably defines one's finesse and expertise. However, its not everyone's refreshing cup of tea and in fact is sometimes a haunting pill.'

Why oh why didn't I contact them to proofread my thesis!


I like the bit about rubbing the magic lamp. (LOL) The genie needs to brush up on his writing skills, I'm afraid. :-(

Does a post-doc make one less employable?

Hi Karrol! I took your survey. :-) Gender and academia is actually a "hot topic" right now, and the questions you're posing are interesting on many levels.

I don't know much about life, but while trying to figure out what to do, maybe an important question to ask yourself is, "What do I really want?" I didn't get a sense of that from your post. If academia is your "dream", then you have to go for it and do the post-doc, or else you may end up resenting your family for holding you back.

If you're pursuing academia with lukewarm passion, then forget the post-doc, and consider all the other directions you can take with an Education degree (policy, research, administration, etc.). There are a lot of possibilities in both the commercial and non-profit sectors.

I completely understand about the need to be pragmatic and support your family, but perhaps factoring in your own happiness is important too.

Second PhD dergee

Hi Markov,

Sometimes it's helpful to write to people who are already working in your field, and doing what you want to do: find out their background, and find out what they recommend as far as an education and career trajectory. (You might be pleasantly surprised by what can come out of a little "networking.") It's possible you only need to do more courses in genetics, and not a full degree. On the other hand, if Germany is where your specialization is flourishing, you should probably find a way to get there, and securing an education visa to study abroad will probably be the easiest way to do that.

i need help

(insert anticipatory drum roll)...