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Anyone taking longer than three years?

Florence you're not the only one. Everyone I know in my department had spent at least extra 3 months to 'submit'. So don't worry too much about it. You're certainly not alone!!

PhDs and Holidays

Hi Slog,

Your PhD is mostly an independent work except of course you have pre-schedulled supervision sessions, in which case you will have to arrange supervisions around your holiday. However, sometimes supervision do not take place at all for a couple of months, which gives you the time to carry on with life's shenanigans!:-)

One top advice: always have your laptop with you, an A5 note and a pen are a most for any idea(s) that come to mind!! A recorder for 'soliloquy' no matter how insane you may look in your holiday room!!

Your research is nearly an everyday thing as you may have 'strange' but later meaningful ideas at odd times of the day...

Second Masters Degree?

Hi Pizarr,

Just like Lolande pointed out, instead of a second MA the easy route to a PhD is through an Mphil which is normally like a first stage of any PhD (in my uni, irrespective of any Masters you may hold, your first year is always an Mphil year). This is so that you know whether or not PhD is right for you and for your uni to determine whether or not your research topic has potential to contribute to 'knowledge'.

Also, I think as mentioned above, what do you sincerely hope to achieve from your second MA? Is this so that you can be easily accepted unto a PhD program? If that's the case, then I would advise that you register for an Mphil instead or apply straight to as many universities as possible. I think you should be flexible with location as well because sometimes during the cause of your research, you may have to go to conferences, visit other countries to present your papers or pilot studies. Mind you, you really don't have to be in uni everyday and some universities allow you to work from home, so I don't think 'reasonable' distance should be a deterrent to applying to as many universities as possible.

I hope I have helped in my own little way?


Upgrade VIVA

Thanks D & Choco!! I'm elated, I musy carry on now with part 2 of my mission to becoming Britain's next top expert:-);-)

Upgrade VIVA

I think today's just meant to be a great day!! I just recieved a phone call in my office and ...'you've done everything you need to do now so get on with your work, well done you passed your viva'!!


All the best with yours x:-);-)

Upgrade VIVA

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Alas, after 18 months and one 'major revision' following initial viva, I have managed to scale through a second viva with 'well done'! 'All is fine'! 'Assume all is well', 'Massive Improvement'!

Well having said all those nice things, I am awaiting a letter that determines whether I'm going forward or remaining at the same point!

Why couldn't my examiners simply say to me 'you've passed'

Still a bit worried though, the meeting only lasted for 10 mins!!

Including Supervisors as authors

Hi all,

How plausible is it to include your supervisor(s) as co-author(s) when in fact, they haven't had the time to contribute or supervise your work that has been accepted for publication? Should you just include them anyway to your debut because they're your supervisors or should you just get on with your work, make your stamp and get them to buckle up for future publication?


Books on PhD

Hi Chococake,

It might be a good idea to get a PhD/research student handbook from your potential university. There are lots of materials in the handbook apart from rules and regulations concerning students/supervisors etc. You will also have lots of materials during your induction week; but this may be university specific. Hope this helps?

All the best in your new found love, enjoy the ride...;-)

finally submitted...just about :)

Super well done to you Algaequeen!! A good thing you took a copy home for proofing! I didn't realise that having library books could deter thesis submission, it would have made some sense if it were graduation!

Well done!!(up)