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I would definitely join.

PhD issues of absolute supervisor neglect

Thank you for your response, I appreciate.

PhD mum submitted thesis.

Many congratulations on submitting.

I am currently writing up in the hope of submitting by this time next year. I am a mother of two (my second is just three weeks old). I am encouraged by your post.

All the best for the future.

PhD issues of absolute supervisor neglect

Hi Jay,

You are welcome to the group and thank you for offering your assistance. Although I am not an active participant in the group, I have followed the forum with interest.
I was a full-time student but had to change to part time due to cost (still working full time on my thesis though).

I am hoping to have a full draft of my thesis by December in the hope to submit before July next year. However, as I await the feedback from my supervisor for my result chapters, I worry that I have written rubbish (English is not my first language). I am currently working on my conclusion, but just not feeling confident.

PhD blog about PhD topics and being a mum

Good to see I am not the only one. I have a two-year-old and currently 30 weeks pregnant. Came back from my field work two months ago and actively trying my best to complete one analysis chapter before the baby comes in July. I have to say that it has been pretty easy to work from home because my husband can look after the two-year-old while I work. The challenge, however, is the distraction that comes with toilet breaks etc.
My university is in London, but I live in West Midlands, so only have to go to London when I have to meet with my supervisor for feedback. Will actively follow your blog just in case there are tips :)

My final year commences in Sept. so technically I am still in my 2nd year.

PhD and mortgage

We are on the same boat. While the banks appreciate 'prospects's of getting a job upon completion of your Ph.D. is high, they do not consider it when calculating your earnings. According to my bank. even if one was doing a funded Ph.D., it does not count as an actual earning/income.


I am 8months into my Ph.D. and so far I find it sort of challenging. Doing my Ph.D. at King's Colle London while living in Newcastle Under-Lyme, have meant that I have spent most of my time at Keele University library.
But, I find your advice very helpful, especially because I can relate to it. So far, my supervisor has approved my research topic/questions and I am preparing for my mini viva. I can only hope I continue to remain motivated to complete my Ph.D. by 2017.

Shut Up and Write??

I am interested guys, will keep an eye for feedback on how the online version works. Hello, DocInsanity you do that at Keele? Wow! Please, how can I get in touch so I can be part of it. I am studying at King's College London but leave local to Keele so tend to use the library a lot.