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Postdoc progress

by DocInsanity
on August 08, 2018
I've been nudged into doing another blogpost. It's been a long time. For all of us, stress and anxiety come at milestones/crossroads. When we come to the end of one phase and hopefully the beginning of something new. I managed to get a postdoc in the end with a lovely boss. I wanted to get something that I would find interesting, as I am not great at finding motivation for projects I find boring or pointless.
The project I'm on has been a mixed bag, for a number of reasons. Because I am full-time on the project, I have had little opportunity for teaching. This is a major issue. How on earth can you get the CV for a lecturer post with no teaching? And if all a post-doc position prepares you for is another post-doc, then there's no career progression. In other words, cheap labour.
So now I am looking for a job once this project ends. My publication record isn't world class either, again partly because working on this project has constrained what I have been able to write. The project coordinator has these ideas about papers, when it's clear that she has probably written an academic paper in her life.
My best hope is probably patronage (isn't that often the case?). I'm hoping to get a job at my current institution, if the university leadership can be persuaded that this position is needed (and it really is). My combination of skills and experience form a very small niche (again, I suspect most people here can relate to that), but nonetheless I am not unique.
I have just under four months. I am not despairing quite yet, but I am getting anxious. What else am I qualified for? Hmmm.


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