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Digital book free: student finances

by DrJayJericho
on May 04, 2017
Dear Postgrad forum community

Please check out my new book at:


Free digital book international students, foreign workers and immigrants

by DrJayJericho
on April 22, 2017

Greetings Postgraduate Forum Community,

This free digital book is useful for international students, foreign workers, immigrants and those taking international English language testing exams such as Pearson.

Please find attached in PDF Acrobat format or via the link below.



Dr Jay Jericho
EFL Language Teacher
The Free School


Writing A+ High Distinction coursework essay papers

by DrJayJericho
on February 22, 2017
Greetings Postgrad forum,

This presentation aids you to write an A+ High Distinction essay paper at postgrad level.

You are welcome to ask any questions anytime about this presentation on this discussion forum (here) so that other members of this forum community may benefit from the Q&A.

I wish you well with your A+ papers, coursework and career!



32 global reach free social media advertising spaces

by DrJayJericho
on February 09, 2017
Greets Postgrad Forum Community

This document / website lists 33 of the most popular global reach (>100 million) websites that allow research students and grads to market their work and profile for free.

Please let me know what you think of this list. Which ones do you think are missing?




Generous foreign aid scholarships

by DrJayJericho
on January 24, 2017
This document / web page lists 35 countries that offer generous full-ride scholarships for postgraduate students.

This webpage / document is the only directory that lists in one place foreign aid scholarships providers, listed by nation.


Free IELTS course and materials

by DrJayJericho
on January 09, 2017
Hi Postgradforum Community

This website lists 400 free official IELTS academic resources.

There is also a free IELTS Academic course. You may commence at any time.

I hope this assists those who need to take an IELTS for their postgrad course or for skilled migration.


400 FREE OFFICIAL IELTS exam preparation materials

by DrJayJericho
on December 23, 2016
Hi Postgrad Forum community

This web page lists 400 free OFFICIAL exam practice materials for Postgrad students who need to take an IELTS exam for admission into the PhD etc. These official resources have been produced by official IELTS partners: IDP Australia, the British Council and Cambridge University.

Student budget plan

by DrJayJericho
on November 27, 2016
Hi community

This YouTube (and pdf) gives advice about how to prepare a budget plan. It is suitable for:

* International students
* Local students
* Migrant workers
* Those working overseas e.g. post-doc

It also offers tips about income planning and saving money.

All the best


Motivation letter : scholarships and university

by DrJayJericho
on November 16, 2016
This presentation shows you how to write a good motivation letter for college, job and scholarship applications.

The two links below are pdf Acrobat versions to support the presentation.

All the best with your applications.


Free University Norway Finland Iceland Germany

by DrJayJericho
on October 25, 2016
There is a lot of confusion in the public domain, on chat forums etc, about whether it is true that international students can get free education in Norway, Iceland, Finland and Germany.

This YouTube (with Acrobat link below) is original current research dated 24 October 2016.

Yes, it is possible to receive free education in these countries. The eligibility rules are very generous, but they do vary by country.

Check it out!


Free University Education in Germany

by DrJayJericho
on October 05, 2016
Dear all

There is much confusion and myth about free education in Germany.

This original research dated October 2016 debunks this myth.

Yes university education in Germany is almost free (around 250 euros per year). If you are good enough to secure a place.

Please message me any time. I am here to help and support the community in any way I can for free. I have access to 99.99% of all journal articles.


Free English for Academic Purposes Certificate Course

by DrJayJericho
on September 29, 2016
Hi everyone

Any person interested in participating in a free EAP course, please email

[email protected]

This course is aimed at English as a Foreign Language students.

All are welcome, especially persons from developing countries.

If you know any person aged 17 or over enrolled at any institution at any level you are welcome to forward them the details shown at the link below.


Free quality education as a universal human right

by DrJayJericho
on September 08, 2016
Greetings folks,

My most recent research supports the notion that access to a quality free education is a basic human right. I am interested in hearing from others who have an interest in this research project. My core interest involves the provision of free resources to those in need (e.g. socio-economic status etc).



Successful scholarship applications

by DrJayJericho
on July 30, 2016
Hi Folks

I estimate that about 95% of international scholarship applications that I see are one paragraph requests for cash that are sent via a gmail, yahoo or hotmail account, with no supporting documentation. I estimate that about 99.99% of these surely must be unsuccessful. This has inspired me to produce a document of what I think a successful scholarship application must look like as a minimum to be short-listed. Applying for a scholarship is a bit like applying for work in a competitive job market. You need to invest a lot of time and carefully match your skills to the specifics of an application. I also suggest complementing your application with a digital presentation that introduces yourself.



The PhD writing project - support for PhD students by a Dr Graduate

by DrJayJericho
on July 23, 2016
Hi All

I am currently working on a self-funded volunteer project known as the "How to write a winner doctoral thesis project" which offers accessible slideshows for struggling PhD students, especially in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Topics covered including writing the literature review, data analysis, PhD grammar conventions and so on.

This project is inspired by my own feeling of total isolation as a doctoral student for almost nine years. For all of those nine years I never truly believed that I would actually pass. No person who works hard should have to feel like that for any extended period of time :-)

These presentations are shown at:


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