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Free University Education in Germany

by DrJayJericho
on October 05, 2016
Dear all

There is much confusion and myth about free education in Germany.

This original research dated October 2016 debunks this myth.

Yes university education in Germany is almost free (around 250 euros per year). If you are good enough to secure a place.

Please message me any time. I am here to help and support the community in any way I can for free. I have access to 99.99% of all journal articles.



05-Oct-16, 23:13
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posted about 1 year ago
Do German universities offer distance learning postgraduate degrees to UK learners at those kind of prices?
06-Oct-16, 09:44
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posted about 1 year ago
Hi Spider Man

The answer is that yes.

Which universities and faculties do and don't you can determine via Google searches and/or via contacting each university.

To illustrate this point - here is one of many examples of online degrees in Germany
To answer your question about UK citizens. Germany universities are forbidden by German law from charging tuition fees. They also enroll international students with the best talents.

The answer to your very good question is a little more complex than a yes/no answer. The spirit of Germany offering virtually free degrees to persons of all citizenship is that they aim to attract the best talent hoping that they will choose to migrate to Germany upon graduating and boost the skill set of Germany.

A distance learner in another country is probably less likely to do this as they are less likely to ever visit the country - they may even graduate in absentia.

My logical guess is that offshore applicants might be afforded less priority than German citizens, German residents and those with a connection to Germany (e.g. ancestry) because it goes against the spirit of taxpayer funded places for virtually free universal university education. I also suspect no university would confess to this mindset.

There are scenarios where offshore distance learners might be very welcome:

* Talent that will look good as global alumni with e.g. MSc Berlin Free on their business card;

* Very small university departments who fear being closed down and wish to keep minimum enrollments alive and are struggling to attract applicants;

* Serious very talented research students (especially PHD) whom academic supervisors are very keen to work with.

I am only speculating - best to contact the universities.

A great question - thanks


Free education in Germany: how it works
01-Nov-16, 18:29
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posted about 1 year ago
May I ask whether there are similar courses in other countries for post-graduate students who have already weaned year?


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