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The Postgraduate Moans Thread

Hi Hugh - check with your student union graduate research rep and ask if there is a policy document that mandates maximum turnaround times. At Sydney University there is a policy document that states 30 days to receive a written reply to the submission of draft work for review (e.g. a chapter), but beyond this, I believe there is no protection (at that institution). Maybe try a phone call or a knock on the door or a follow up email. I hope this helps. If your question is a general one wanting some light direction, I would have though 7 days turnaround time (five full clear working days) would be fair if you don't do this too often. Just my opinion. Hang in there! Jay

PhD issues of absolute supervisor neglect

Greetings folks,

I will say a little about me as I am new to the forum, but after this brief introduction, I wish to make my posts all about you, and stay this way so long as I visit this forum and contribute.

I eventually earned my DSocSc by research and promised myself that if I actually earned this degree, I would help other struggling doctoral students in cases where (a) they are being grossly neglected by their busy/disinterested/incompetent supervisors for no clear reason and (b) they were genuinely working hard and determined to complete but feel overwhelmed :-)

I had three supervisors during my 8.5 years as a part-time doctoral student and not one of them seemed passionate about their career, discipline or students despite having tenure at a well-funded cosy well-regarded institution. So that is the end of my rant.

If I am able to offer assistance, motivation, advice etc I am only too happy to do this.

I hold a doctorate in sociology and other degrees in education, political economy and business.

I do believe that persistence, hard-work and a a strong passion for your topic will get you over the line more so than other attributes.

The PhD is worth it so please stick with it, as I don't believe that most people who temporarily drop out or intend to return years down the track will actually complete. If you are enrolled now, seize this opportunity and jump those many hurdles and have fun!

I wish you well.