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2.2 to a 2.1 topup

Don't be silly. You know that there is no such a thing of topping up your degree classification.

Deferred after PhD upgrade

Relax - it is more common than you think. You should treat it as a positive experience - they have given you a chance to do better.

Viva done!

Congratulations and nice to hear that positive story. I enjoyed my PhD process as well and because i did it part time and had a full time job throughout, I was very grateful to be able to get to the end and not to worry about looking for jobs upon graduation.

Why are you doing a PhD?

I did it because I was interested in doing one. I got no pressure to get one and I actually enjoyed the process very much.

Thesis vs. depression

It seems that you need a break. Perhaps talk to the supervisor and ask for an extension.

Also, think carefully before deciding whether you want to do a PhD. Is it a must to do one? Are you mentally prepared for it? It's a huge commitment.

Viva amendments

I think it's a good idea to send the internal examiners an outline of your proposed changes, as your supervisor suggested.

After your revision, I'd suggest you tabulate all your revision showing how your corrections respond to the required changes. What I did was to even add a cover letter to thank the examiners for their comments and suggestions (whether or not you agree or disagree with the suggested revision).

Post-Viva Confusion?

I think it's pretty normal to have that kind of feeling. It's what they call "anti-climax'. I also had that feeling for a short while after passing the viva but since I did my PhD part time and had a full time job, I did not have much time to miss my PhD! I just had to continue working on the same job...

VIVA panic!

Don't worry. I had not cited any of my external's work and still passed a few years ago. All the best Millymoo.

Final Step in PhD

No need to worry. It is what it is.

Quitting PhD in humanities subject, will I be guaranteed an MPhil?

Very unlikely unless you submit a thesis of the MPhil level. You still need to go through the viva. Some universities may give you an MA or MRes if you finish part of their research training at the early stage.

revise and resubmit

Interesting. I think different universities use different wordings. I had my viva a few years ago and was given 6 months to revise the thesis. But it was considered a pass with minor amendments. Perhaps the examiners took into account the fact that I had a full time job. Anyway, I finished the revision in around 2 weeks. Well..you will get there soon.