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Can published peer reviewed articles of sections of research be used as validation?

Thanks for the replies.

I developed the pilot framework at a masters level, of which two peer reviewed conference papers were presented and published and one article. I am now upgrading to phd and busy improving and expanding this framework where by I am planning 2 articles for two core aspects of the framework. Essentially I want to use the article published about the pilot framework as proof of concept and the two articles I am planning as validation of the final framework.

Can published peer reviewed articles of sections of research be used as validation?

I am currently developing a framework that has various facets. I have published a paper on the pilot study of this framework, and plan to publish papers for each of the facets that make up the framework. Can these be used as validation for my PhD?

Is validation by conducting expert questionnaires a valid PhD framework validation method?

Hi all,

I am developing a framework to propose a solution for a complex multiphaceted challenge in the aerospace manufacturing industry. The framework is developed based on industry standards, technical reports, regulations, expert interviews and observation at local companies.

As the framework covers a wide range of manuracturing systems/processes that are typically spread amongst a large supply chain, a case study/implementation approach to validation isnt feasible (and cost). Is presenting the developed framework to industry experts and receiving their feedback a valid for of validation for PhD level? if so, what should I keep note of and look out for (specific to what examiners typically woiuld not approve of)?

Lastly, are there other ways of validation such a framework?

Many thanks