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Mortgages and studentships

Pamplemousse, did you see a whole-of-market mortgage broker and not just apply directly to the lender? I spoke to a family friend who is a mortgage broker about this issue and he seemed to think that if we had a guarantor we would be able to get a mortgage. We didn't get to the applying for a mortgage stage yet though - haven't found a house we like yet either. We may well hit the same problem as you.

Is it normal?

When you have a PhD place and are part way through it, to look at other studentships on offer and think "ooh, that looks interesting!"?

I still get emails from FindAPhD.com with new positions listed and sometimes glance at them.

I suppose I do the same thing when I see Postdoc or more senior positions advertised, then I remember that I have to knuckle down and get my own degree first.

I like to think that doing this is indicative of my broad interests, not that I am currently in the wrong place. I just wondered if anyone else does this?

Finished!! It can be done!



and many thanks for taking the time to write such an uplifting post.

Take care.

Funded Studentship Interview

Hi Ceruse
What area are you going into? I wasn't asked any detailed questions relating to specific projects at my interview but I was asked general questions about the area.
You might find that whilst the research question has been identified the protocol for investigation has not yet been determined - that is your job as a PhD student(!)
More relevant might be reading related publications, particularly those from your potential supervisors. Were any citations detailed with the advert? If not it might be worth asking for them before the interview and having a look at them. (This will also help you to decide whether this project is of interest to you).
Good luck!
Ejc x

Entrance requirements

Hi Chiqui
I take it you're in your final year of undergrad and need a 2.1 to get funding?
Just to wish you the best of luck getting your 2.1 ... I managed to get my degree up one class in terms of average marks in my final year so it can be done if you work hard.
ejc x

Let's have a forum meet: Episode II

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London would be my vote as I'm there already. As to whether I could make Sheffield, depends when and how busy I am.

@Adam, can you make it into a Conference?

Just make an official date, publish some flyers (you can be keynote speaker), then we can claim from our departments for travel...

Living/studying in London

I've lived in London for three years, and have just signed up for four more.

As you say you have no experience of London, do you have any friends you could stay with for a bit and explore the city? Or who studied at institutions where you would hope to do your PhD, who you could talk to?

I don't know if studying in London is "a hassle" as I've never studied anywhere else. It is expensive compared to a town in the north but it is also exciting and busy, never boring. I live centrally - there are bargains to be found. And the overworked, miserable people go back to their commuter towns in the evening leaving us party people to make the most of what London has to offer :-)

How did you come up with the idea for your PhD?

What area are you in?

Instead of worrying about a PhD question, spend more time immersing yourself in your subject. Read, go to events, meet people, talk to people.

How to tell the university I can't accept the PhD offer right now.

Hi Jovey

I was in this exact situation. There was a two-week gap between me getting an offer from one place, and my interview at a second place. I simply emailed the first place and explained to them that I would get back to them as soon as I could. If the first institution have offered you a place, they must think you are a good candidate and likely they will hold your place open for you for a couple of weeks.

Communication is key! In the same vein, if you can tell the second place you would appreciate a speedy decision they may well respect this.

I wouldn't advocate accepting the first place in the first instance then later revoking your acceptance.

Hope it all works out for you.

ejc x

Experience for PhD(science)

Mambo, why not ask him exactly this?
The experience of what you describe in the Lab is hardly unusual; I would be very surprised if he used this as a reason to write negatively about you.

Presentation at Studentship Interview


Have you got anyone you can practice on? This will help with timing, the clarity of your slides (if using) and any areas that you don't explain well.

Good luck!

Starting at Oxford

Hi fox,

I'm not starting in Systems Biology at Oxford but will be studying the same area in London.

What background are you from (Life Sciences? Maths? Computing?)

ejc x

new PhD student at QMUL?


Sorry to be paranoid! I'm the same name on there.

new PhD student at QMUL?


I'd rather not put that on here...It would identify me...could you join the other forum and I will pm you.


new PhD student at QMUL?

Not at QMUL but there are a couple of us starting at other london unis. Damm this forum and it's lack of PM-ability.