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Born with disability

by eng77
on November 29, 2019
When people are born and raised healthy, in most cases they do not realise how others that born with a disability suffer. This is also the case when postgraduate students from a "developing" country suffer, most EU students have no idea of how they see things.
Born in such country is a huge unseen disability. What are your chances if you want to do postgraduate study and research in "real" institutions? What are your chances to get a decent job utilising your education and skills?
You have to go to the formalities and pay the international tuition fees. One goal for most "international" postgraduate students is to continue living in the country they study at.
Actually they search for new home. They have a target to achieve. ...

Who posts matters

by eng77
on January 09, 2019
This might be already known for everyone but I will write it anyway. There are several reasons that make me read the posts in the forum. Of course the title. Another important factor is who has commented on a post. Some posters usually post controversial views but they have usually different perspectives which is worth reading.
Another non secret fact that most of us when posting, hope that a "particular poster" replies to their post and value the opinion of this "particular poster" very much. Actually, there is unseen mutual understanding and mutual appeciations between some posters and others.

Being an average PhD

by eng77
on September 09, 2018
I was watching the sitcom "Friends", a conversation between Ross and Phoebe about how can an "average" PhD date a girl who used to be with scientists who won 1 million dollar grant. I liked the expression average PhD. All of us who started a PhD or even thought of applying to a PhD have dreamt of winning Nobel prize or being a highly distinguished scientists. The reality that most do not. Sometimes we get disappointed and demotivated when hit by this fact. Actually having a Bachelor has gotten us already above average in education. Earning a PhD degree is really something. How much percent of our aquaintance has a PhD?

What not to do in a PhD

by eng77
on September 03, 2018
Hi all. Being someone who started a PhD and was not able to complete it, I think you might want to know what I think I have done wrong. It could be useful to avoid it. I do not claim I know the way to paradise and I am sure I can tell you the way to avaoid hell.
Usually you read the stories of sucess to follow them. But let us now look on an unhappy story to try to learn from it. Usually bad experience is not shared.
My very first mistake was realising I have issue and still denying it or delaying confrontation. I listened to people who said. Oh this is normal. Usually this is PhD and blabla. I should have spotted the difference between "normal" worries and depression and major specific problems.

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