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Being an average PhD

by eng77
on September 09, 2018
I was watching the sitcom "Friends", a conversation between Ross and Phoebe about how can an "average" PhD date a girl who used to be with scientists who won 1 million dollar grant. I liked the expression average PhD. All of us who started a PhD or even thought of applying to a PhD have dreamt of winning Nobel prize or being a highly distinguished scientists. The reality that most do not. Sometimes we get disappointed and demotivated when hit by this fact. Actually having a Bachelor has gotten us already above average in education. Earning a PhD degree is really something. How much percent of our aquaintance has a PhD?
So if you submit a PhD thesis and get your PhD and find a Postdoc role in a medium rank university in the UK which means a top university worldwide, it is worth to say congratulations.
I am not inviting everyone to try to be an average researcher. What I mean is to distinguish your achievements. Celebrate them. Try to be in the top 10 % but if you ended up in the top 40 % it is absolutely fine. People are different. Some can work 14 hours a day 7 days a week. Others were gifted by extra ordinary intellectual capabilities. We do not all have to be at the top but at least we should be far enough from the bottom.


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