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by eng77
on January 09, 2019
This might be already known for everyone but I will write it anyway. There are several reasons that make me read the posts in the forum. Of course the title. Another important factor is who has commented on a post. Some posters usually post controversial views but they have usually different perspectives which is worth reading.
Another non secret fact that most of us when posting, hope that a "particular poster" replies to their post and value the opinion of this "particular poster" very much. Actually, there is unseen mutual understanding and mutual appeciations between some posters and others.


10-Jan-19, 00:58
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by pm133
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posted about 1 year ago
I think it's pretty unhealthy to be influenced by who has posted before reading a thread. That is a very good way to narrow the range of views you are exposing yourself to.

Smiilarly it is not healthy to "hope" for responses from particular people.

Both these approaches will limit you professionally and personally.

Considering we are talking about anonymous people on a forum, it is especially bad news if you are also carrying these views into your day to day life.

You raise an interesting topic though and it's one I think most people go with. They just tend not to publicly admit it. It leads to cliques and inappropriate white knighting of others. That leads directly to the sort of abuses of power by supervisors which we continually hear stories about on this very forum. I wonder if anyone else will be brave enough to admit they do what you do :-)
10-Jan-19, 08:20
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by eng77
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posted about 1 year ago
I agree partially with first point. This does not mean I will ignore other posts or only look for the view of this poster. It is an "extra" motivation to read the post and the other responses.
I do not agree with the second point. In workplace or personal life we value the opinion of some people more than others. This does not mean these opinions are always the right way to go or we should only listen to these views but we usually have a narrow circle "you are again partially right" of people who we believe could understand what we want to express and also have something in common.
I know it is not very best way to live life. But let me take an example when I told a friend that I left my job already and was preparing to move abroad to pursue Master. His first comment was that I did something wrong and if I do not like my job, I should have looked for another one. My problem was not he had a different view. My problem that his advice was useless as he knew it was already too late and I was just informing him. This kind of disheartening is not going to add anything to people like me who get affected easily by these kind of comments.
10-Jan-19, 11:57
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by eng77
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posted about 1 year ago
I would like also to add this. Sometimes you read "10 advices from Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Einstein or Elon Musk". Why it is written like this, even if these advices were not really said by them? Because the writer knows that these are influencers and people would be interested to read what they say. Similarly for social media followers. I do not claim that this is a smart way for doing things and I am not personally influenced by stories in social media. But my point is we read and hear all opinions (except for people who have no empathy) and give a particular attention to influencers who are not necessarily famous or very successful (from the general public view).


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