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Applying for a new PhD


I'm sorry to hear about your horrendous experience. Personally, I would wait and see how the complaint procedure unfolds and see if you're able to get a new supervisor/s. If it becomes apparent you're unable to get someone new then I would recommend transferring elsewhere. The only thing you'd need to think about would be references (as I'm assuming a new institution would require an academic reference). PhD's are stressful enough as it is, don't allow yourself to suffer any more than necessary!

In terms of funding it depends where you received it? If it was directly from the university it would seem unlikely that you could keep it, but if it was from an external source I can't imagine why they wouldn't allow you to use it elsewhere (providing you kept to the same project it was given for). I'd ask the appropriate people and see what they say about the funding.

The clash of supervisors

Hey there,

Your comment hits quite close to home. On my PhD I have three supervisors, and I feel as though I can never satisfy them all (as they often make different comments). Again, similarly to you 2/3 of my supervisors joined my team when I was about a year and a half into my degree and wanted me to go into a new direction which I wasn't comfortable/experienced in. I am now in a position where I am on probation, because I have had two failed attempts at transferring from Mphil to PhD level due to being unable to satisfy the criteria my supervisors have set.

Do you send your supervisors the same work and see them separately? If I were you I'd recommend trying to make your supervisory meetings group meetings, that way your supervisors will be unable to contradict each other. Ultimately your main supervisor will have the ruling opinion, but it would be wise to try and have group meetings from now on so that your supervisors are aware of what the other is recommending.

I hope this helps!


Dropping out of my PhD and reapplying elsewhere

I'm really in need of some advice.

I'm currently in the transfer process of my PhD (where I need to submit a report to officially transfer from MPhil to PhD). However, due to numerous issues, I have attempted to pass this several times but was unsuccessful, being told it wasn't PhD ready . Because of these set backs, I've now been put on probation where, if I am unsuccessful again, means I will be removed from the course. Due to the issues I've had in the past with passing I'm considering cutting my loses, dropping out of the course, and applying to start from the beginning at a new university but with the same project. I just feel as though if I fail a probation it would make it near impossible to be accepted at another institution.

Does anyone know much about this? Will I possibly be able to drop out and apply elsewhere with a project that's already be partially worked on? Would my current university give me bad references due to my probation status? If I do apply elsewhere I have no intention of being dishonest so I would let them know I'd been on probation, but will this mean I'd struggle to be accepted?

I know some of you may question why I would wish to apply elsewhere with the same project I've been unsuccessful with, but it is something I am very passionate about and feel, with more time, could definitely work as a PhD thesis.

Thank you in advance to anyone who could offer me any form of help/advice.