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Hmm, I am having a similar situation - no news about the outcome some time after a panel interview - and have actually sent a polite email a week ago to ask. No reply. I suspect something similar is going on, i.e. they've made a first round of offers and are waiting for responses, but it seems a bit weird they wouldn't even respond to my email. Am now wondering whether it's a 'no' and they're just not interesting in talking to me any more.

Wouldn't surprise me as I didn't think the interview went too well - but I just want to know so I can move on with my life! Am going crazy checking my email constantly.

Uni PhD Degree taken away. Is it possible?

I agree it seems very unlikely that this supervisor can have your PhD 'taken away' - his actions sound somewhat dubious to me, and I would definitely discuss the situation and take advice from someone else (maybe your 1st sup if you have a better relationship with him/her) before going along with what he asks.

So bad I'm having thoughts of death!

I suffered from anxiety during my undergrad degree, and panic attacks, sometimes so bad I couldn't go to lectures, or had to run outside half-way through. So I do sympathise and know how awful it feels. I wouldn't worry that a doctor will pressure you to take medication if you don't want to - they might suggest it, but if you say you'd rather try other therapies first, I would be very surprised if they weren't supportive of that. Things like anxiety and panic can be dealt with quite well by talking things through with a counsellor, and learning some relaxation/breathing techniques (they really do work).

Can you also talk to your supervisor - not necessarily going into the anxiety problems, but about your work; you say you're convinced you'll fail when you do submit - a good supervisor should be able to tell you whether that's a realistic fear or not, and if it is, what you need to do to get your work up to standard. It sounds though like your work is probably fine, it's just the anxiety undermining your confidence.

Role of Job experience in Scol

I've known people get accepted for PhDs with just a 2:1 BSc, so it's certainly not impossible - and it will look good if you get a First for your dissertation, as this is a better indicator of how you'll do in PhD-level research than exam performance. Could you talk to one of your BSc tutors and ask what they advise? If you're at the stage of having some ideas for a research proposal, and feel you can make a good case for why you want to do a PhD and why you think you'll do a good job, you could contact some potential supervisors and see if they're interested in taking you on.

As for work experience - it depends. If it's research in the relevant field, then yes I think it definitely will help. Some PhD programs will accept research/lab experience in place of an Masters degree - this is the case in lab sciences anyway. But if you can't get proper research experience, you'd be better off doing an MSc/MRes.