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Is it a bad year to be doing an unfunded degree?

I know... A masters is a lifelong gain but you can understand why I'm freaking out can't you? I think this must just be the calming down from my initial "WOOHOO acceptance!" that lasted an entire week.

Is it a bad year to be doing an unfunded degree?

I need some advice/encouraging words!

I'm accepted on a course for an MSc and the fees are... enough to purchase a nice small new car... I'm starting to wonder if I've made such a good choice. It's giving me anxiety attacks.
I've friends who've applied to funded phd positions saying they didnt want to work and didnt want to waste a year paying to be taught... Help?!

I went into this knowing exactly why: I needed to expand on my current degree and start to specialise more in this topic with the masters, i wanted the extra lab experience, the general graduate experience that a masters provides, and a year to commit myself to a career in Neuroscience, research and academia...

But that all seems to pale when I look at my bank balance and the fact that I will have to pay to learn, wont have the support of a student loan and also wont be able to work!! Especially when people talk about the economy! Oh god.

Ive been searching and searching for sources of funding but the scholarships are aimed at overseas students and people who've applied for the hardship grants that I'm not eligible for. Should I voice my concerns to the department/uni I'm joining?

Conditional/unconditional offers?

Quote From amyvela:

hi, as i know, usu. all postgrad offers are conditional, ur undergrad. mark will be important, and so will be your degree classification. there are usu. guidelines for applicants on the university website so they should be able to tell you what mark they expect you to hold

...I'm undergrad and have an unconditional place for a masters. I think you're generalising too much.

Yuliya: If you've got your degree already I think that's all that really matters to them. I'm not sure how the humanities field works but to the science sector the BSc is all that matters for a masters place anyway, and unconditionals tend to be given to graduates who've already passed their degree.

Unconditional offer?!

I've been applying to Masters degrees across the country (don't wanna risk not getting a place) and I've recently been offered an unconditional place for a masters at a well known university that does quite well in it's RAE ratings for that field...

And I'm worried...Since I haven't completed my degree yet!

Is this a good/bad/strange/common thing for unis to do?! I saw unconditional and at first was ecstatic but now I'm starting to worry that they're not so great or there's something going on that I don't know about!

First time to contact my supervisor-to-be, what should I say?

I don't understand whether you're going for a Masters or a PhD since you haven't specified and unless you're going for an MRes..? But..

I think email is just best for time reasons, they can read it at their leisure and it means you don't have to make time during office hours during which they might not even be available. It also means you can get across what background you're coming from with a little more grace (I don't know about you but I get nervous on calls to superiors!) and intelligence and you can really think through what you want to say.

Mention where and when you met, but don't expect him to remember you since they're busy and network a lot (understandable), then I would go on to say that you're contacting him since he advised you to, say you'd like to meet up to discuss the possibility of doing a masters/PhD. Suggest a date within a few weeks time, then mention your availability in cse that date doesn't suit him.

MSc Neuroscience Requirements

I'm also applying for the same masters and i've been told they tend to accept people from a psychology background, however, I think it depends on the course itself. You need to look at the actual syllabus and ignore requirements, they tend to be BS (excuse the french) and see whether it's more cognitive (and hence psychology based) or biological. The one's I've seen are majority biology based and you may have a little trouble keeping up with. Might also be worth noting if they're MA or MSc, MA's tend to be psychology orientated.

Doing a PhD, does it make you ugly?

Oh dear...Reading this as a prospective MSc/PhD student is....Not encouraging lol!
I'm already lazy with my appearances and it's just applications and dissertation stress! I'm gonna turn into a zombie by my masters!!! I guess the weight gain isn't so much an issue since I tend to eat less (less cooking means more time stressing/procrastinating!).

Application Questions

Are universities allowed to ask you where else you're applying? It doesnt seem to make any sense why they'd need to know... Do I have to answer, will it affect my application if i just ignore the question?

It's something I find quite baffling, with undergrad applications it was all via UCAS and they had no (legitimate) way of finding out.

Swamped! References not responding! Advice please??

Haha, I half suspected they would leave it late. I have two references already (which is such a huge relief for me) But the last one I'm worried about. Given that term starts next week and I might not be able to track her down before the friday deadline of that week and she hasn't even replied to my emails, I'm half tempted to find a new reference just in case! :(

Swamped! References not responding! Advice please??

I'm in my third year of my BSc and swamped with a dissertation write up as well as several courseworks and fortnightly tests. Applying for Masters in Neuroscience but I just don't know what to include in my personal statements to the universities! Do I want to address the typical questions of: why I want to do neuroscience, what i do right now, how im suited to the course and how the course suits me/my career plans? Or should I take a different direction?

I'm also having trouble getting references from staff that have agreed already to do one for me! Several emails have been sent and i've seen them twice in person reminding them of a 9th january deadline but only one has pulled through! with christmas coming up i dont know what to do!!:-(