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Weird science?

by FindAPhD
on May 30, 2013
Dr Nathalie L'Huillier takes a look at some of the stranger PhD projects on offer.

I was reading an old thread of the Postgrad Forum which asked who had the weirdest PhD project. This was meant as a bit of light banter and as a trivia discussion but interestingly the discussion quickly turned into the philosophical question “Can a PhD project ever be weird?” Those who asked the question were keen to demonstrate that every project is unique and while it may seem odd to some, it is generally of interest to someone (in some cases really just the one person though!).


The future of doctoral training – International Perspectives

by FindAPhD
on May 17, 2013
Dr Nathalie L'Huillier from Universities Scotland ( reviews the latest discussions on the future of doctoral training.

As part of my job, I often attend conferences like the ones organised by the UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE). The UKCGE “is the leading independent representative body for Postgraduate Education in the UK. Its mission is to be the authoritative voice for postgraduate education in the UK, providing high quality leadership and support to its members to promote a ­­­­strong and sustainable postgraduate education sector”. ...

An International Christmas - Hints and tips for spending Christmas a long way from home.

by FindAPhD
on December 20, 2012
Dr Nathalie L'Hullier provides some suggestions for any students who aren't returning to their home country for Christmas.

My earliest memories of spending Christmas away from home and in a different country go back to when I was a PhD student. I had decided not to go back to France (mainly because of cost) and was invited to spend Christmas with my boyfriend’s family in the very North of Scotland. Everybody was lovely and I had a great time but it was almost as if I was in a Bill Bryson’s novel where everything wasn’t quite strange. First of all, I had been expecting a big meal on Christmas eve (at home, it tends to be 4 starters, 2 main courses and dessert!) so imagine my surprise when my boyfriend asked me if I was ready to go to the local pub. ...

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