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Should I Tell my Supervisor?
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We have been asked to post this on a PGF user's behalf.

I have just started my PhD and I have a medical problem that I don't want to tell my supervisor about. The reason being that I don't want to be seen through the problem, hence also posting on here anonymously. I want to be seen as PhD student and I don't like being asked about my health before anything else, which is what happens to me in RL.
I damaged my head 2 years ago whilst running on a treadmill, despite 4 mri scans, blood tests galore, physio, they don't know what is wrong. It results in my arteries swelling on one side of my head, blurring my vision and I either have a permanent headache or a migraine (6 x month). I am on 3 different painkillers/anti-inflammatories depending on how I feel, some of which have side effects such as severe tiredness. I am at risk of a stroke/aneurysm too as my Dad and Granny died from either aneurysm/stroke and my Aunt has had 3 strokes so wear a Medicalert bracelet. I go through bad patches and when it is good, I can come off some of the medication (like now) but I can feel I am not doing well again. My last uni knew all this and I had a few extensions and one delayed exam. I don't want this anymore for this PhD, I want to move on but am I being a fool not telling the supervisor? It affects me because, like now, my one eye is blurred and I have swelling in my head again and all I want to do is, well not much at all. The supervisor is nice enough but he is gung-ho and I don't want to be seen as a sissy.

Using moving image archives in academic research
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Applications are invited from doctoral students registered at U.K.
universities in film/television/media/cultural studies, history,
American Studies, architecture, anthropology and other relevant
disciplines for an Arts and Humanities Research Council sponsored
collaborative doctoral training programme on using moving image
archives and archival materials in academic research.

Leading academics, together with representatives from the BFI National
Archive, the Imperial War Museum, The British Universities Film and
Video Council, the Media Archive of Central England, the national film
archives of Wales and Scotland, the Broadway Media Centre and others
will deliver training events between November 2007 and December 2008.
Students can be linked to an archive/institution appropriate to their
research. Bursaries are available to defray the costs of travel and

Applications are welcome from anyone pursuing doctoral research
using moving image materials.

For more information see the website at:


To apply contact Professor Roberta Pearson at the University of Nottingham

([email protected]) and Dr Lee Grieveson at University
College London ([email protected]).

National English Literature Training Day for Research Postgraduates
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In collaboration with the AHRC National Research Training Scheme in English Language and Literature and the Institute of English Studies, University of London.

National English Literature Training Day for Research Postgraduates
(Late 19th century to the present day)
Tuesday 30 October 2007, 10am – 6pm

The British Library, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB

English research postgraduates from across the UK are invited to attend a day of talks, workshops and networking opportunities at the British Library. The day will include a general introduction to relevant material and sources including reference, curator talks, how to get a Reader Pass.

The day will:

Introduce you to the range of research materials available in the British Library
Show you how to access online and electronic catalogues, and carry out bibliographic research on your topic
Introduce you to specialist curators at the Library
Give you an opportunity to meet and network with postgraduate students from other universities across the UK

Students from outside London can apply for travel bursaries of up to £30 per student.

To book a place on the day or if you have any questions, email [email protected] with your name, contact details, course and university or college.

How do you change your username?
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You have to write to [email protected] and ask us nicely. We don't offer a "change username" option as we feel it could easily be abused.

Finishing with a Masters rather than continuing to PhD
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Hang on a second, before you blame us. As far as we are aware there is only one Zara on the system. We do not recycle usernames.

Helloooo..... Guess who's back?
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Good thanks. We're always here, lurking in the background, making sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

Helloooo..... Guess who's back?
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No worries. Congratulations Mrs H from the PGFT.

On behalf of Otto
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The other poster who was banned was 'dattaswami'. He is a prolific spammer of forums with religious dogma, cut and pasted into forum after forum. Try searching Google for:

dattaswami banned

On behalf of Otto
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Just to clarify a few points.

The final straw of Otto's temporary ban was telling somebody to f*** off. He had previously been warned for posting irrelevant threads and registering multiple accounts. The offending threads have been removed.

Piglet - crap, bugger and bloody are fine - calling somebody a tosser is not.

We do not always give a warning when banning people - the person that Otto was insulting was banned permanently with no warning. We did not disagree with Otto's sentiments, just the way he chose to express them.

On behalf of Otto
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Hi Otto

Sorry you're annoyed, but you were banned for repeatedly using offensive language, having been warned last week for posting lots of irrelevant replies. Your ban is only temporary, but if you choose not to return we'll understand.

Good luck with your PhD - or See you next week - the choice is yours.

Help finding a PhD
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Hi smg,

Have you tried running a search on our site FindAPhD.com?

Click here to see some projects which may be of interest.


another smiley? (apparently two words are two short for a title)
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A few technical problems there. See how we get on now...

another smiley? (apparently two words are two short for a title)
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You'll have to wait for summer for those - we left them in the

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The chat room's still on the list - trouble is it's a very long list - what with all the seasonal smileys and all the holidays in the

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Sorting this now - it's because we shrank it a bit