about the personal statement


hi,I am considering postgraduate programme about Finance at Warwick University. But I have difficulty to write my personal statement.Can someone help me about it?


I don't tend to make a habit of giving out my best kept secrets and time-saving tricks of the trade unless I really like a person. Merve, I really like you. Have you tried www.google.com? You can ask it anything you like, and by the powers of 'electrictrickey' and black magic, it'll present a plethora of solutions. Go forward and find what you seek, young man.


Thank you but I already tried,by the way I am a young woman
Anyway Thank you for helping me....


thought it was supposed to be personal. Just think about why you want to do the course what motivates you and other things that will make them like you simple as that man. I think


the things you should consider in any personal statement are: why exactly are you applying to that masters? you can give a number of reasons: first and foremost you enjoy the topic, but you will also need to explain how undertaking this course is somehow going to enhance your career prospects in the field you are interested in

secondly you need to consider, why should they take you onto the course? certian masters courses can be competative so you may need to make your application stand out. emphasise your academic achievments relevent to this masters: high grades in particular subjects or coursework assignments, relevant industrial experience and so forth

thirdly why pick that particular univeristy? you could probably do the same course at hundreds of other institutions. best thing to say here is that you have picked Warick in partulcar becauce of its outstanding reputation as a leading educational institution.... anything that appeals to the vanity of the univeristy.


gosh! i missed all of this.. personal statments etc. i stayed at same uni for my masters and just automatically got in. staying at same uni for my doctorate. may not work for some but for me it does. i have kids and being a single parent, the uni is close to home. works out cheaper also as ex-student so get discount on fees i also feel happy in same surroundings, people etc. so makes for a happier me and happier teenage kids