Anxiety Questionnaire


I will be happy to complete your studies, are you able to complete my questionnaire as well?

The main purpose of the study is to establish the relationship between worry, anxiety and cognitive control. The study takes about 15 minutes, and simply requires you to answer some questions about your feelings and habits.

The study is based on voluntary participation and no personal information will be collected. Questionnaires will be kept anonymous and evaluated only by the researchers. The data will not be analyzed at personal level. If you do not wish to answer any particular question, you may just leave it blank.

Thank you very much for your participation. Please do not hesitate to contact the researcher if you need more information ([email protected])

Your participation is greatly appreciated, thank you so much!!


Done - hope this helps! Good luck!

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I just completed the questionnaire and wanted to point out that it might be helpful to consider that whilst someone may not have a current diagnosis, they may have historically suffered from and been previously diagnosed with a form of anxiety. As I have myself, but there was no option to indicate this.

It was a great survey though and I have a personal interest in anxiety and how it is professionally understood (because I have found it difficult to get any treatment that made a difference to me). So I hope it goes well and I bet the findings will make for interesting reading!


Done. Very interesting. I think there aslo maybe a difference between GAD and a specific anxiety. i have anxiety but it's related to a specific ongoing medical condition so maybe not as intrusive as GAD? Good luck :-)