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Hi everyone,

Well today has been the first meeting with my supervisor for the mres. I have been asked to use refworks to keep track of references and using a mind mapping approach to start forming ideas for research papers and for the final thesis.

What do people think of refworks? Are there any alternatives out there that are better than refworks?

I have also been asked to think about administration early on re ordering and keeping track of papers, etc that I find as I go along. How do you go about this?

Would really appreciate your advice on this.
Thanks :-)



I was introduced to Mendeley some time ago by a friend and a lot of people on here use it aswell! It's free, easy to use and very good. You can give it a shot and have a look and maybe compare it with refworks for a while. I had used EndNote for my BSc thesis and Mendeley now for my MSc thesis and definitely prefer mendeley ;)


Thanks Podge for the advice - just trying to find something easy to use :)


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