Didn't get Masters offer - what to do now?



I recently applied for several taught Masters in London in a physics/maths based area (complex systems), and unfortunately didn't get accepted into any of them. Most of the feedback I received was that there were many applicants this year, although one course said I simply didn't have enough of a maths background, even though I have a Physics BSc and they specified that Physics graduates would most likely satisfy the entry requirements.

So, what should I do now? I still want to pursue a taught Masters and PhD ASAP, but it seems my low 2:1 and lack of specific maths modules is a big barrier. One of the main reasons I want to do a taught MSc is to meet people in the field and find what I like before diving into the PhD silo. Should I:
- do a graduate diploma in maths and apply again next year?
- complete a 6-month maths course and apply for entry in January?
- give up and curl up into a ball under the table?

Any help appreciated, pretty frustrated with this. Would also like to switch to academia as soon as possible as I feel like time is running out to do it.

- Physics undergrad degree from a great university, low 2:1 grade
- Lots of math in undergrad (ODEs, Fourier, complex analysis, etc)
- Two years data science work experience
- Self-studied quite a bit of math since graduating

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I wouldn't overthink this. Master's applications have been extra competitive this year and so they can be extra picky. If you reapply for January and get a masters, no-one will ever care you got rejected once before.