Dissertation woes


Anyone, out there like me and extremely behind with their master's dissertation? Post here so I don't feel like the only person who has a mountain to climb...


I'm there too! Mine was technically due at the end of July but I've been given to the end of August do to about a million delays I had during planning/sampling/analysis and writing! I have a full draft now but it's absolute rubbish and I only have this weekend to re-write the whole thing as I'm away next week eek (I work full time study part time)!

So you're not alone just keep chugging along!

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You can do it! This time last year I was in same situation-and like Caro worked full time and studied part time. It feels like it will never end but it does and when you hand it in-the feeling is great.

Results time is great too but even when you do well can seem anti-climatic. Whole achievement thing sinks in over a few months later.

Just think- it will end-you can do it-you are determined to do it....good luck(up)


Hi both
Am in a similar position. I have till Friday to do mine, and there's still a fair bit of writing to do. So I'm putting some well-worn notes into the Introduction today. If you're around today we could do some kind of accountability thing. I'll be using tomatoes/pomodoros, so checking in sometime at breaks.

If you're not around - I wish you well! (up)


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