Exercise and nutrition


I have studied Physical education and Sports Science and I am looking for a M. sc postgraduate course that opens new horizons in the professional field and be able to meet the current modern society in the field of nutrition, exercise and health. The future plans of my career focused primarily in the field of research, personal training, fitness, exercise, nutrition and health. For example, my main concern is the planning and evaluation exercise and nutrition programmes, applied to an individual or group level, to combat a chronic disease, weight loss and improved fitness level. I am not interested in so in sports nutrition and performance.

I am so confused with a lot of MSc Programmes in the UK. so I would like some useful information
Can you suggest me any programme or university which combines exercise and nutrition?
Which do you believe is the best with excellent graduate prospects and modules regarding my interest?

Please help me!
Thanks in advance

Jone ,)


hi! I've seen a lot of ads for people with Sports Science qualifications, perhaps you can look into getting into education, if you are up for it, of course, because then you may have a regular/possibly stable job later.

love satchi