Hello, I have been asked to give feedback to my uni on my masters course, particularly the substantial research module. I have written out the form and I have unfortunately ticked 'poor' for various responses due to problems with the course.
I am seeking a reference for what I hope to do next (different uni) and feel this is tricky as I want to give my honest opinion and feedback but feel this might backfire on me. I am also very close to making a formal complaint about the course, I am due to see the students union in the next week or so.

What do you think? Keep quiet and move on or give this feedback so the uni can improve things.
many thanks in advance.


I would have thought that the form would be anonymous to allow you to be honest in your comments.

As a course leader, I'd prefer honest feedback to help me improve my course. I appreciate not everyone might see it that way, but its better to be honest about the problems (particularly for research modules which are always a bone of contention).

If could be that the person receiving/dealing with your feedback isn't the same person giving you a reference. if it is, they should be able to separate out your feedback from your suitability for further study.


Thanks for the reply, good idea and I will keep the feedback anonymous and seperate from my complaint.