Going from Level 6 or Level 7 to Masters Degree


Hi Guys

I'm currently doing a level 6 in Digital Marketing with The IDM/DMA but I would like to finish my qualifications with a masters degree. I'm not sure whether I will need to do the Level 7 qualification first or if I go straight on to a master degree from the level 6? I'm willing to top up the qualification with other courses such as Prince2, APM or experience.

Please let me know what I should do.

Kind regards

Andrew Williams


Hi Andrew,

I'm unsure what country you in. Generally, if you looking at levels in NFQ system, you need to go level 6 to 7 to 8 and then masters, or level 6 to 8 to master. This can also depend on how much experience you have in the area as well. But from my understanding, you need a Level 8 to start a master, but I could be wrong.
Personally, I would find the master course you want to do, and email the uni and get there advice. They should be able to give you help and the correct answer


I Googled the info you gave there and spent way too much time trying to figure out where you're at, but it's not clear yet. When I search "level 6 digital marketing idm dma" a page comes up for a six day diploma, but more detail on the course shows more content than seems reasonable for only six days. Perhaps it's only six days of actual classes and most of the content online? They also state the qualification is equivalent to a Level 6 qualification but doesn't say Level 6 of what.

So I have no idea where you're at, I'm not familiar with the organisation so no idea of their standing and recognition of their certifications. You will have to give everyone here more info, as levels mean very different things in different countries. For instance, our levels here in Ireland split progression more finely than the European Qualifications Framework, so an ordinary Bachelor's is Level 7, Honours is Level 8 (both are equal to Level 6 on the EQF). PhD is Level 10, but on the EQF it's 8.

Here in IE you cannot start a Master's degree unless you have an Honours degree, preferably a 1:1 but at least a 2:1. The one exception is PhD, you can have "direct entry" but only from Honours, and most universities then require a confirmation exam (mini viva).

I hope that helps you understand you question better, and even answers it somewhat.