Help Me With My Research (Survey) about IOT devices


Hi, I am Fatma and I am working on a dissertation about consumer behaviour toward IOT home devices. I am in desperate need of respondents for my survey. So I will be appreciate if you could spare some time to complete my survey. here is the link to my survey
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Hello Fatma,
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I can tell from my experience that IoT users are very different. It just as well might be a kid or somebodies grandpa. What you should really know about IoT is that it has already changed almost any industry, IoT developers are one of the most demanded and they have great salaries, source:

/. I'm sure you'd be interested to know what are the most popular IoT tools as well. You could have included what services people use the most in your survey as well. Hope this helps.


I have much more to say now, as owning a big dev service