I need an academic reference for something really trivial - advice please!


Quick question really, I need an academic reference to endorse an appeal for a parking permit as the company that provides them for the university haven't given me one because I don't have a child or a disability. I commuted (about 65 miles) for the last 2 years of my undergrad degree due to having a horse and financial reasons and was planning on doing the same for the MSc that I start in 3 weeks time but now they have introduced wheel clamping I have a problem - the attendants always used to let me park without a permit for some reason but now they can't as its in the control of an external company. They have given me a permit for the car park in a halls of residence a few miles away (shuttle bus between them) but I have had to do this before and it doesn't work for me - it adds a good 45 mins onto my already long journey and I simply don't have time for that, and the service is unreliable.

I obviously really need to get a permit and the lady I spoke to on the phone said it would be a good idea to get a quite note of support for my appeal from a tutor who knows me and knows the intensity of the course I am starting. I'm quite sure who I'm going to ask and have a few backups if she's too busy, but I don't want to annoy anyone by asking for something so trivial. Its only an email that they would have to send, but its still hassle. Has anyone else needed to provide a reference for something like this, does anyone have any advice?

Sorry for how whiny this sounds, I know this problem is tiny but I really need to get it sorted out! Thanks, Natassia x


Just email them - the worst they can say is no!