IMAGES , DIAGRAMS, ETC need caption, what to write?!


Hi , i am working on my tesis, and i know this sound silly but i really need help here , so ALL the diagrams, photographs etcetera are made by me and i need to add captions but I dont know what should I write etc! about the picture? or how the diagram was made, by softwares or what?
this is an architectural paper.

thank you
I am using Chicago style

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I can send you a .pdf of the CMoS if you like


You need to explain what the images/figures show. If you have grown a tree and taken a photo you would say 'Figure 1 is a photo taken using xxx software of a tree grown for xxx days in long day conditions at 35C". The figures should be able to stand alone from your text, so someone should be able to understand them completely without having to refer to the main text.


Hi.. I did my thesis work past semester in which I explained all the images with the caption 'Figure: 1_Relevant information about the image' - It can be the overall message about the picture, not the results. you can split (a), (b), if it is multiple or collage of images like TEM, If you need any help in this, search as avail research help where the team will help you. ;)


Figure and table captions shouldn’t be mini abstracts. The purpose of a figure/table is to supplement what is being described in the text of the report/thesis/paper, not as a stand-alone source of information. A caption should outline exactly what is being shown and acknowledge the source if applicable (e.g. ‘adapted from Blogs et al. 2015’ or ‘data sourced from’). I don’t think you need to mention the software used to produce an architectural drawing in a caption, in the same way you don’t mention that you used Excel or SigmaPlot to produce a graph. Normally CAD drawings have their own template where that sort of information can be shown.