In Crises, Need your advice


I graduated barely with a degree in mechanical engineering, took admission in continuing engineering education and earned Masters with Grade Point Average of 3.5/4(87.5%). Is it possible for me to acquire admission to a good foreign university with this qualification in Masters program.
In short i am in possesion of + Masters degree(honors)

and i want to get direct admission in Masters from a good foreign univeristy prefrebly in UK \ Canada.


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I can't speak for Canada as I'm in the UK and only understand the way that UK universities work, but I would have thought that you would stand a chance. It really depends what you class as a 'good' university. All of them are different. I'd imagine with a good Masters degree that would to a certain extent counteract the fact that you only scraped a pass in your BA - after all, research degrees are more akin to a Masters than a BA. You'd have to contact universities that you were interested in and see what their admission criteria is - most of them have details on their websites and telephone numbers so that you could speak to someone in postgraduate admissions to ask them direct.

I wish you luck in your search and hope that you find a good place to carry on your education


Ur grades look great!!!! u will certainly get through in a gud college in UK!!!!!


A 3.5 GPA is equivalent to an Upper Second Class in the UK, so you should have no problem getting into a good British Masters programme at a red brick/Russel Group university.

Similarly, in Canada an upper second class honours will get you into virtually all their Master's programmes, so you should get in also.

Remember if you are from the US, you'll be paying 'international' level tuition fees at a UK or Canadian they'll be very interested in you.

I'd say you'd be able to get into virtually any uni apart from the very top ones.